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Evania  - ♥
10 September 2015 @ 02:31 pm

Pairing: JongYu
Genre: fluff; AU

It wasn’t anything serious.

Nothing to worry about, the doctor had said.

But he worried.

How could he not.

It was his fault.

His fault that his boyfriend was now laying on a hospital bed covered in cuts and bruises, a white cast adorning his right leg.

They had been arguing over the phone when it happened.

One minute he could hear his boyfriend yelling and the next there was a loud screech followed by the line getting disconnected.

He watched from the outside as his boyfriend tried to reach out for the juice, face all scrunched up, looking more of a puppy reaching out to his favourite chew toy. When the doctor finally gave him the green signal, he walked into the room, balloons, flowers and chocolates in hand, a sorry smile plastered across his face.

The bruised man’s eyes wandered all over the room except for the only other living person in the room as he sucked on his juice box. He refused to make eye contact as he watched the other boy tie the balloons to the bedpost, put the flowers in the vase and place the chocolate on the side table.  He looked straight ahead as the taller boy looked at him, sighed, sat on the bed with his back facing him.

“Considering you’re not going to look at me while I talk I think I’ll sit like this. You know I didn’t mean for this to happen. It wasn’t my fault I had to cancel our date tonight. I’ve been working towards this account for month. Who knew they wanted to meet tonight to finalise the deal.  And I know I’ve been ignoring you a little lately. Okay, okay a lot. Don’t nudge me.  I’m sorry. But hey, you know better than walking on the road with a phone in your ear. It’s not the first time you’ve had a small accident. Ow ow okay okay no need to pinch me. Does this mean I’m forgiven?”

The man on the bed watched his boyfriend turn around, hands on his ears looking at him goofily. His anger had washed over the minute he had seen the boy outside the hospital window with the very many gifts. He noticed a pen in the man’s hands.

“Did you write on my cast?”

He noticed the writing at the sole of his foot and looked up into the warm eyes of the taller man, pulling him closer for a kiss.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Lee Jinki.
Happy Valentine’s Day Kim Jonghyun
Evania  - ♥
10 September 2015 @ 01:28 pm


A/N: Thanks for the title Tanvi!

My name is Kim Kibum and I’m currently sweating through my hands. Is it possible to sweat so much from your hands? I mean where does all of it come from? My head’s still reeling from reading that message. Oh dear god where is this elevator? I hope it isn’t crowded. I’d have to take the stairs if it is and ugh that means climbing down 7 flights of stairs. I shouldn’t have blown Jinki off for lunch. I know he’s struggling being new and all but this lunch meeting was more important. Meeting? Was it a meeting? Jinki had said it was a date? But what does jinki know? He hasn’t gone on a date since college. But why now? Why now out of all the time did my high school crush want to meet me for lunch?

“Are you getting on?” a voice drifted from the elevator triggering Kibum to snap out of his inner monologue. Smiling apologetically he walked in and stood at an awkward distance from the person.

Well at least there’s only two of us. Will he think I’m weird if I turn around and straighten my tie and check my hair? I really want to check my hair. Jinki had said it was okay but the man has zero sense when it comes to fashion. Oh right Jinki is my best friend by the way and we both work as Marketing Executives at a lifestyle brand. I’m just going to check my hair. Who cared what he thinks. Oh no! I shouldn’t have worn this tie. It’s my lazy tie. It’s what I wear when I don’t feel like paying attention to clothes. Ugh why Kibum why? Ignore your mothers advice and this is what happens. Why did Choi Minho want to meet me today out of all days? That’s his name btdubs. Choi Minho. All round student and athlete. He was the ideal student. Class president, football captain, and head of debate club yada yada yada. There was no way our worlds collided. I wasn’t a nobody exactly but I had my own set of friends and my interests were completely different. The only time we spent together was when our school hosted the local carnival and I was in-charge of the content and marketing aspect and Minho was over-seeing all departments. I don’t know how it happened but we began to hang out a lot more than expected and I slowly started to develop feelings for him. I made the mistake of telling him how I felt only to be rejected right in the dead centre of the school carnival. I accepted it and moved on even though it was hard. The good thing was Minho never made it awkward for me. Even when we went away to different universities, we kept in slight contact, occasionally updating each other about our lives. I was just thrown aback that he wanted to meet for lunch. He had shifted back to town and the only person he thought of was me. Can you imagine that? me? I hadn’t seen him since graduation so forgive me if I'm a little nervous.

“Table for two sir?” Kibum hadn’t realised that he had reached the restaurant while being so pre-occupied in his thoughts. He was a little early. Taking a booth in the farthest corner, he sipped on his ice tea waiting.

Oh god he looks so good. Why does he look so good? He cut his hair though. I liked the long locks. They accentuated his small head nicely. He’s gotten funnier. And he talks more freely now than before. Why is my heart beating at this pace and why the fuck are my cheeks feeing so hot? Does the restaurant not believe in A/C or am I the only one feeling the heat. I thought I was over him but why are these feelings resurfacing oh good god. Was I never over him? Had I put myself through denial making myself believe that I was when I really wasn’t? My hands are sweating again. Why does this happen to me? He’s asking me something

“You look good. Have you been working out?” Minho probed, a twinkle in his eyes.

Why are his eyes twinkling? STOP TWINKLING

“Me? Working out? You know better than that Minho. The only working out I do is the flexing of my fingers over my laptop” Kibum said making Minho break out into giggles

FLEXING OF MY FINGERS? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? He looks so cute giggling. His eyes still crinkle and he still laughs in that whole-hearted manner. I should stop staring at him so much.

Taking a bite off his sandwich, Kibum asked “So what are you doing nowdays? Back in town for business?”

“Nope. I’ve moved back for good. I’ve quit my job. As much as I loved my job at Advertising, it sucked the life out of me. I’ve saved up quite a bit so I bought a place in town. Planning to convert into a café with a small library attached.”

He’s finally doing what he wanted! He always did walk around with a book in his bag. He always said food and books were the true loves of his life and he wanted to open a café where people could just sit back, read and let the words take them to another place. I missed what he said again. Damn I have got to pay attention to what he says more often.

Minho waved his hand in front of Kibum’s face. “Are you okay? You seem a little out of it. I was asking if you’re still at your old company”

“Yep. You’re looking at their new Marketing Head boring boring boring. Tell me more about this library café! What are you planning on calling it? When will it open?”

I just wanted to hear his voice. His eyes were turning a shade lighter like it always did when he spoke about something passionate. And oh there came the theatrical hand gestures and the jumping in the seat. Why do you have to be so cute Choi Minho? Oh god he’s smiling now. That big toothy grin he gives when he feels genuinely happy. All I want to do is reach over the table and give him a kiss. WAIT WHAT KIBUM STOP. OH GOD NOW ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT ARE HIS LIPS, HIS BEAUTIFUL SOFT PINK LIPS AND HOW THEY’D FEEL ON MINE. OMG SOMEONE STOP ME I AM LIKE A TRAIN WITH NO BRAKES. WAIT HE’S ASKING ME SOMETHING AGAIN. OKAY DEEP BREATHES KIBUM DEEP BREATHES. YOU GOT THIS.

Minho had insisted he pay for the bill and walk Kibum back to work.  They walked in silence, enjoying the company, their hands slightly brushing.

He didn’t have to walk me back. But I like it. I really like it. Oh GOD our hands our brushing against each other. OH DEAR GOD. OH GOD. I say god a lot. I just really want to reach out for his hand. I bet his hands feel hard like a worn out baseball glove but still have this softness and warmth like a hot marshmallow. I bet he melts marshmallows for this boyfriend. I’d like to be his boyfriend. I’d like to snuggle up next to him and wake up to his kisses. I’m sure he kisses like a French man. And now I’m thinking about those lips again. Why am I so horny?! Minho must have a lot of sex. Good sex. I mean look at him! WHAT THE FUCK KIBUM STOP IMAGINGING MINHO NAKED. BEADS OF SWAT ROLLING OVER THOSE SCULPTED ABS AS HE ENTERS YOU. STOP STOP BEFORE YOU MAKE THIS HORRIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE FOR THE BOTH OF YOU. We’re stopping. Why are we stopping?

“Well this is you. I will see you again soon right?” Minho asked hopeful.

Why does this have to end? I don’t want to go back to work.. Wait-

A pair of lips finally put an end to the train of thought.

Can anyone else hear fireworks? I sure can see and hear them. I WAS RIGHT HIS LIPS ARE SOFT AND HE DOES KISS LIKE A FRENCH MAN. Is the earth crumbling or are my knees just giving way. He’s pulling away why is he pulling away? No! Stop. Jeely feels legs cannot to the stairs walk

“I think we should stop, no? People are staring. I’ll call you tonight Kibum-ah” Minho winked, walking away leaving a very giddy Kibum who was still trying to wrap his head around the whole situation and form coherent sentences in his head.
Evania  - ♥
28 July 2015 @ 01:33 pm

Pairing: OnKey; YunJae; a leetle of JongHo
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds inspired
Length: 2/5
Rating: G

At the crime site, Junsu examined the car while Jinki inspected the surroundings. The car was parked on the side of the road, blood scattered all over the steering wheel. The killer had left the rope with which he’d used to strangle the child on the floor of the mat in the passenger seat.

“For a third party, a car parked on the side of the road seems perfectly normal. People driving may have assumed that the victims were having some car trouble or it might have been a few teenagers fooling around. Nothing to make it look suspicious.” Jinki said as he watched the cars drive by.

“So he forces them to park out here, takes out his gun, shoots the mother and then waits a while before strangling the kid. What kind of twisted mind does this man have? The car shows no sign of break in so either the victims knew their Unsub or he forced them at gunpoint” Junsu replied from inside the car.

Back at the station, Changmin sat down with the husband of the first victim. He hated doing this and but he knew this had to be done.

“Mr Han, I know this is hard for you but is there anything you remember from what happened on Sunday?  Anything that seemed out of the ordinary?”

“Is my wife and childs murder related to the one that happened last week? Has to be right? Why would someone do this? My baby was only 5 years old. She was turning 6 next week. She was going to have a princess themed party and she was so excited” Mr Han said, biting back his tears.

“I understand that this a trying time for you but do you think your wife had an enemy? Someone at work maybe?”  Changmin prodded.

“No. No. everyone loved Nora. She wasn’t capable of hurting a fly.”

Changmin nodded and looked at the man sympathetically.  Yoochun came over and signaled Changmin.

“So I spoke to the woman’s family. Nothing out of the regular. Grew up in Busan before coming to Seoul where she met her husband. Got married ten years ago and the kid was born five years ago. No previous record. Was loved by all, no marital discord and no enemies” Yoochun reported.

“Basically no reason to be hurt” Changmin concluded.

At the BAU headquarters, Jonghyun and Minho returned the same time as the other two. Everyone was at the board room figuring out why the killer was doing what he was doing.

 “Well there was nothing on our first victim. Straight A student. Went to Seoul University, met her husband there, fell in love, got married and had kid. Stayed at home to take care of the child.” Minho noted from his book.

“But get this, the mother went grocery shopping only on Sunday evening and the killing happened last Sunday” Jongyun added.

Yunho’s face darkened, “Well, that’s strange because Nora and her daughter go once every month during the weekend and return on Sunday evening. Whoever this killer is he knows these women and is aware of their schedules. These women have to be related”

Jinki’s phone rang and he put Taemin on loudspeaker.

“So I have used my magic powers and found out that both these women last used their credit cards at different gas stations of whose addresses I am sending to your phone right now. The people at the gas station may have seen something right?”

“Thanks Tae. Can you check if these women were somehow linked? Maybe they went to the same Yoga class or met at some party? There’s clearly a link there”

“Will do Jinki hyung.  I have run them through all my data bases and I haven’t come up with anything yet but I shall keep looking.”  Taemin hung up.

“Changmin, Minho you guys go to the gas stations and find out if they saw anything strange or suspicious. The rest of us will stay back and try to piece our profile on him. There-” Yunho was interrupted when a police officer walked into the room looking disturbed.

“They’ve found another body.”
Evania  - ♥
12 July 2015 @ 09:26 pm
Pairing: OnKey
Genre: fluff
Rating: none

Please please please” Onew whined, his tone getting a bit lower and sexier with each word.

“Can you stop with the voice? If someone heard you out of context, it would sound like you were asking for more” Key winked

“Maybe I do want more” Onew said, inching closer to Kibum trying to get his voice to sound more huskier.

“Stop! AND NO! I am not helping you” Key said playfully slapping his boyfriend.

“Why not? I don’t know what to wear for the opening of that SUM store in Japan and your choice in fashion is always good. Your choice is always good. You chose me too.” Onew whined causing Key’s fingers to curl with the cheesiness

“I have a lot of work to do Lee Jinki. Now unless you want to make a cameo in my tv show, I suggest you leave. Your outfit isn’t going to pick itself”

“Fine I’ll just wear that blue and white sweater-thing I wore on the way to Music Bank that day. You know, the day I backhugged Minho and covered my face. From what I figured, the fans loved me. They thought I was cute.  So did Minho” Onew added rubbing salt on what seemed to be pretty bad wounds. Key’s fist clenched, more out of jealousy than anything. He had to have a word with Choi Minho about not flirting with this particular hyung.

“Fine.” Key said rummaging through his closet as Onew showered his neck with soft kisses

‘He thinks he’s so cute doesn’t he. I’ll put him in a suit that will make him look boring but still presentable’

Key woke up and looked over to the empty spot on the bed next to him. He wandered aimlessly towards the living room and turned on his laptop. Curious as to how Onew looked, Key did a tiny search. What turned up on his screen made him even mad. The suit had fit Onew perfectly. It looked like it had been tailored for the man.  Key went through the pictures, one at a time, fuming at how sexy his boyfriend looked. And oh, of course the fans loved it.  Who wouldn’t have?  He had wanted his boyfriend to look presentable and fashionable but not like a freaking model. His boyfriend was walking the airports of Korea looking like the runaways in Milan.

‘Dang you Lee jinki for looking so good in everything’

His phone beeped “Thanks for the outfit babe. I look quite the sex god don’t I? I owe you”

‘Oh you owe me Lee Jinki. And I know exactly know how to make you pay’ Key smirked
Evania  - ♥
12 July 2015 @ 06:17 pm
Read more...Collapse )</lj-cut
Evania  - ♥
12 July 2015 @ 01:37 pm

Pairing: OnKey; YunJae; a leetle of JongHo
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds inspired
Length: 1/5
Rating: G

Lee Jinki had just sat down for breakfast when the phone rang taking him away from the feast Kibum had prepared for him. He kissed his daughter on her head and grabbed his coat, looking apologetically in his husband’s direction as he walked out the door.

Being a profiler in the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the National Intelligence Service had its difficulties. Timing was never definite; trips were unannounced and went on for undecided periods; 6 hours of sleep a day was a gift but the immense pleasure he got in putting criminals in prison was unexplainable.

He ran up the stairs, taking two at a time before entering the board room.  His colleagues had already arrived and they were waiting for him to start.  Junsu, the team’s liaison with the media and local police agencies began as Jinki sat down.

Pointing to three pictures on the screen before him, Junsu brought them up- to- date about their recent case. Two women along with their children were shot in their cars and then left on the side of the same highway. The women were of different age groups, hair colour and different sections of society. The only apparent link was the children accompanying them and the fact that they all belonged to the Seoul district. The children were between the age group of 3 to 5 years old. All three cases were located close to the headquarters making the case close to home.

Taemin, their technical analyst then informed them that all three victims had been taken hostage by their unidentified subject (UnSub) in their car, post dark, driving them around for a few hours before killing them and dumping their bodies in the car on the highway when there were not many people around. Their cellphones had been switched off and the police found no trace of evidence on any victim. “He drives them off the road and shoots the woman before strangling the child”

“The first victim Han SooHee, 26, a housewife, was taken with her three year old son Hyesung when they had gone to the supermarket last week. She was found 6 hours later by an elderly couple on the Ilsan-Seoul highway.” Taemin said pointing to the first picture.

“The second victim, Nora, 33, an employee at Microsoft, and her five year old daughter Nana were on their way back from her hometown late Sunday evening. They had gone to visit Nora’s parents in Busan. The husband filed a complaint after he found his wife’s phone turned off. Local police authorities identified their bodies Monday morning, two days ago. Both these killings happened exactly a week apart” Taemin concluded pointing at the last two victims.

“So the children seem to be the only link. There can be no way these women came across each other is there?” Jonghyun asked.

“Plus what is the point of killing the mother first? The kids are too young to process it all, they’d just be confused. You think he has some sort of sick attraction to them? A pedophile maybe?”

“That’s what we need to figure out. Up until now there have been no indications of rape on both the mother and child and no specific link can be found connecting mothers. Taemin keep looking. We need to split up. Jonghyun and Minho go talk to the family of the first victim. Jinki and Junsu, you guys take the crime site.  Changmin, Yoochun and I will go talk to the husband of the second victim to see if we missed anything.” Yunho said.

Grumbling, Jonghyun followed Minho. If there was one thing he hated, it was being paired up with the tall boy. He was going to be the butt of all jokes till they reached the destination. Jinki sent Kibum a quick message saying he won’t be home till late before walking out with Junsu.  The other 3 left for the local Seoul Police department where the families were.

A/N : I had written this long ago and I thought i'd finally out it up. Thank you Tanvi for the title uwuwuwuwu
Evania  - ♥
23 July 2013 @ 07:14 am

Pairing : JongKey
Genre : fluff; romance
Length : 3/?
Rating : G
Warnings :None

Summary: Third time’s the charm? Maybe, maybe not.  Jonghyun has something important to ask Key but there is a certain someone always interrupting.

“I cannot. Cannot deal with this. Three times. Three times I had the opportunity but he interrupted me. Do you know how rare it is to get some alone time with Key? I just got sidelined. AGAIN.  We- Are any of you listening? ”

Onew stopped eating his sandwich and looked at Jonghyun, mouth filled with chicken, lettuce hanging out and shook his head in a sheepish manner.

Minho just grunted in response, eyes still locked on the television screen as he tried scoring a goal.

Taemin looked at him sympathetically and nodded.

 “I knew you’d be listening. Unlike the other two who appear to be very supportive but aren’t.  I mean you’d think they’d have a little bit of interest in what’s going on in their members’ life. We’re all brothers and best friends and we’re meant to be here for each other and help each other out but nooooo. One’s busy stuffing his face with food and the other is playing a game, oblivious to the pain and suffering that I’m going through. ” Jonghyun lamented, one hand on his head and the other on his heart.

Minho pause his game and looked at his hyung, incredulousness etched across his face. “Okay Ms. Drama queen stop with all the antics and tell us what happened now. Less theatrically, please. Onew hyung and I promise to listen to you if you tell us the story in three parts, the beginning, middle and end. No extra antics and gimmicks. Understood? ”

Jonghyun sat next to Minho and pouted. “Bu – bu – but the best part of the story is how I say it. I’m an awesome storyteller you know. My hand movements and body language and facial expressions are all so very important and vital to the plot. I mean take this story. If I don’t express my anger, my frustration with –”

Minho snapped his fingers in front of his hyungs face to shut him up. “This is why. You get carried away. Onew hyung move your ass here. You have fifteen minutes of our undivided attention. Start”

Onew waddled his way to the sofa and plopped himself next to Minho.

Taemin, having found the entire thing amusing looked up towards Jonghyun expectantly.

Jonghyu stood before them, as though ready to act out a piece from a Shakespearean play. Clearing his throat, one hand raised, he began in a deep, monotonous narrative voice.

“It was the year 2013 and Prince Jonghyun had just gotten some alone time with his beloved Kim Kibum. He had spent long nights planning-”


“Sorry. Sorry. Jeez. What’s wrong with a little drama? It helps reduce my anger. Anyway, …

Jonghyun and Key sat down after a tiring dance session. It was well past midnight and the others had left early to get some rest before their separate schedules for the next day. Being relatively free, the two of them had stayed back to practice a few routines but spent most of their time goofing around subconsciously flirting with each other. The would begin their dance with all seriousness but thirty seconds later, they’d either be doing dance moves that had no connection to their song or they’d be on the floor giggling like schoolgirls for something silly that one or the other would have done. At around 2am in the morning, knowing that if they stayed at the studio nothing good would come of it, they decided to go on a drive.

To a third party, they looked no more than a couple. Holding hands, going out for walks, sharing food and occasionally pretending to beat each other up. To someone close, they’d wish these were a couple. Standing around them, knowing there was an untold attraction between the two, watching them make blunder after blunder in front of each other made the onlookers want to gag themselves.

The streets of Seoul were comparatively empty with a few cars here and there and the occasional buses. They drove in Jonghyuns car, hood down, stereo turned up; jamming to every song they knew on the radio. Jonghyun tried not to let the fact that Key kept texting someone the whole time cause get to him. He knew how much of a social butterfly the younger was. While waiting for the signal to go green, he looked at the blonde sitting next to him, wind in his hair as he rested his hair against the street enjoying the night. If only he could capture this moment and keep it in his pocket forever, Jonghyun thought.  Kibum realized he was being looked at and smiled at the older boy. Instinctively, Jonghyun reached out with his one hand and brushed off the hair on Keys face. They stared at each other, not moving and Jonghyun found himself moving closer and closer towards the younger boys face. He was inches apart from Key’s face when there was a loud honking noise from behind. They snapped out of their reverie, looking flushed.

“Um you have something on your lips” Jonghyn said hurriedly as he stepped on  the gas pedal.

Key wiped his lips embarrassed and looked away.

A sense of awkwardness hung in the car.
Jonghyun finally understood the meaning of ‘there’s an elephant in the room’. He knew he and Key had to talk about this sexual attraction and that Key had to know of his feelings but each time he tried to, he was interrupted. By either a cute little puppy or Key’s so called bestfriend/moment ruiner according to Jonghyun.

He suddenly had an idea. It was impulsive and he completely loved it.

“Do you want to go to the beach? It’s only an hour drive. We can be back before dawn.” Jonghyun asked Key, eyes sparkling.

Key looked at him like he’d completely gone mental. It would be bad if their manager found out they’d been out all night. Agreed they didn’t have any schedule but it was still a risk.

“Come on Key. Don’t think about it. If we get caught, I’ll take the blame. Promise.”

Key looked at the older boy. He didn’t want to be a spoilsport and disappoint hi. Besides what harm could it bring.

He nodded.

The thrill in breaking rules and doing something you’re told not to do gives you a high that cannot be put in words.

They arrived at the beach, excited and nervous.

Key ran towards the water, shoes thrown aside, pants folded up. Jonghyun walked behind him, smiling a warm smile happy to see the younger one so carefree. For someone like Key who is meticulous and organized, this was a different experience. Doing things on impulse.
The beach was deserted with no one to bother them. They played around in the water, happy to be alone. Jonghyun pulling Key into the water and Key crying at the thought of wet clothes and mud down all the wrong places.

They sat on the sand where Jonghyun had laid out his jacket and watched the sea ebb back and forth.

The sound of the waves splashing against the shore engulfed them as they stared into the emptiness.

Key took out his phone and began texting again.

It was bugging Jonghyun. He snatched the phone out of the younger boys hand.

“Hyung. Give it back”



Key looked at Jonghyun menacingly.

“Give it back and no one gets hurt;”

“ooh trying to be threatening are we? I like me some feisty Key”

Kibum ignored the subtle flirtiness and lunged for his phone.

What happened next, no one knew but at the end of it, Key was on top of Jonghyun, their hands intertwined above their heads, legs entangled and their faces centimeters apart.

The phone lying near Jonghyuns head, forgotten.

Second time in less than 3 hours they’d been this close.

You’re not going to get a better opportunity, go for it, Jonghyun thought to himself.

And just as he was leaning in to close that distance, Kibums phone rang.

Jonghyun cursed under his breath. Key, face as red as those cheesy hearts on Valentine’s Day, drew back and picked up his phone.

“It’s Mark. I need to answer this” Key said apologetically.

Of course it is. Who else will it be, calling you at four in the morning, Jonghyun thought bitterly as he watched Key talk on the phone as he walked along the beach.

He came back after what seemed like an hour to Jonghyun but only fifteen minutes had passed, looking sorry.

Jonghyun didn’t say anything. He knew Key had to get back because apparently there was an emergency involving Mark.

The ride back was silent.

“Do you guys see how irritating it is? Every time I try to get him alone it happens. “

Minho, Onew and Taemin looked at him, mouths hanging.


“You tried to kiss Key”


“Once lying down that too”

 “That is not the point! The point is I keep getting interrupted. It’s not cool. Now because of this incident, Key and I are even more awkward. Who ever said third luck’s a charm is clearly asking for a beating” Jonghyun huffed.

Minho looked at Jonghyun, mouths still gaping wide, not knowing what to say.

Taemin was still processing the fact that Jonghyun had tried to kiss Key. Twice.

Jonghyun stared around hoping for some advice but got nothing but blank looks.

 “You know, love has ways of showing itself. It doesn’t necessarily need to be said. You’ll figure something out. You always do. Whatever you do, know that you will have our full support” Onew said, as he picked up his sandwich and walked towards his room.

Jonghyun smiled at the thought warmly.

However in love with food he knew Onew was, his love for his members outweighed his love for chicken by a thousand times.

He just wouldn’t say it out loud.

“Come on hyung. Let’s go to the café and decide your next POA. One that is Mark-free. I have a few ideas, I shall help you. Just buy me some Banana milk in returned” Taemin smiled chirpily as he held out their coats.

“Agreed. I need some caffeine in me anyway after the all-nighter I pulled last night. You can tell me about your plans as I try not to think of ways to kill Mark. But first, what is POA? ”

“Plan Of Action hyung. Jeez. Keep up with modern times will you.”

Jonghyun rolled his eyes as he followed Taemin out the door.

A/N1: It's been so long. Sorry guys :/ ANd it isn't edited. I'll edit it once I'm home from college.

A/N2: Mark, if you can forgive me for the late update, I'd be ever so grateful. I loveee you! :D Happy JongKey Day. My present for youu :'D

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03 June 2013 @ 08:31 pm
Pairing : JongKey
Genre : fluff; romance
Length : 2/?
Rating : G
Warnings :None

Summary: Third time’s the charm? Maybe, maybe not.  Jonghyun has something important to ask Key but there is a certain someone always interrupting.

“Hyung, No! NO!”

Kibum screamed as Jonghyun pulled him from under the shades of a café. He resisted the onslaught at first but finally gave in and allowed himself to be dragged into the rain. He hated getting wet. It made his clothes wet and soggy and his hair all messed up but he knew the older man loved the feeling of the cool shower on his body.

“It makes me rejuvenated. Rain is to me what it is to flowers Key” Jonghyun sang, dancing around in the rain, trying real hard to be poetic.

“Pfft. rejuvenated my ass. You’ll be sniffling and hobbling around the dorm tomorrow, a trail of tissue paper following and I’ll have to make you some chicken soup and pamper you to the ends of the world” Kibum retorted.

“Maybe that’s why I like the rain that much” Jonghyun winked, making Kibum go red in the face.

They walked, hands welded together, enjoying the light drizzle and their hot cocoa.

Jonghyun stared at the boy next to him. Ever since the park episode he hadn’t had a chance to speak to Kibum properly, their schedules always clashing.

Evenings like this one were a rarity.

It was becoming harder around Kibum. Anything he did, Jonghyun would find it adorable and entertaining.

One morning Kibum had woken up to find the kitchen in a mess. Walls painted with egg whites and ketchup with an adorable Taemin standing right in the middle, covered in white, spatula in hand looking frustrated. Kibum had spent the whole day whining and cribbing while he cleaned the kitchen. While it irritated the other members, Jonghyun found the whole process cute and highly amusing.

Now is the time, Kim Jonghyun. It’s now or never. Go for it. Just say it. Spot it out. You’re Kim Jonghyun.

“Umm Key, it’s been-” Jonghyun was interrupted by a loud yelp followed by the muffled whines.

Kibum looked down to see his attacker and he found himself looking into the eyes of a beautiful brown Labrador puppy.

My luck just sucks. This cannot get any worse.

Jonghyun tried to stare the puppy down but those chocolate brown doe eyes got the better of him.

“Boo Booo~” the owner of the puppy came running in their direction.

Well, damn. It just got worse.

The reason for Jonghyun’s bitchface was in the form of a tall lanky boy, called Mark.

A/N : Forgive me for the short chapter ;;
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26 May 2013 @ 11:46 pm
Pairing : JongKey
Genre : fluff; romance
Length : 1/?
Rating : G
Warnings :None

Summary: Third time’s the charm? Maybe, maybe not.  Jonghyun has something important to ask Key but there is a certain someone always interrupting.

Hands brushing, they walked in perfect silence under the brightly lit moon.

They had just been to a musical of Kibums choice and had decided to take a stroll in the park nearby when Jonghyun felt that it was the perfect time and place for the occasion. It had been on his mind for quite a while and now seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The park was quiet and peaceful at this time of the night, stars were out and the silence seemed more comfortable than awkward.

Jonghyun looked at the boy next to him and his heart began to beat at an accelerated pace. He sighed and wondered at how bad he had fallen that even a simple 3-second eye contact made him look silly.

Kibum took a deep breath and stared at the park in awe. Sure, he liked a party here and there but the quiet silence was more welcoming, especially when you had the right company.

They sauntered around the park, eating their ice-creams, taking in the scenery around them.

“Do you want to sit down for a bit?” Jonghyun asked and turned a deep shade of red as the younger boy nodded, licking the ice –cream off his lips.

 It took Jonghyun all in his will-power not to abuse those perfectly plump pink lips.

They sat on a bench, quietness enveloping them like a warm blanket on a snowy evening. Jonghyun fidgeted in his seat, looking like a disgruntled puppy.

Kibum turned to him, confused. He knew the shorter boy had been edgy for quite a while but had shrugged it off as a consequence of the accident he’d been in. He knew the boy was in the dumps for not being able to perform. He may have put on this facade of being strong and trolling on every second person but Kibum knew that Jonghyun had been beating himself up over not being able to promote. Now that he was back, healthy, he seemed to have been more nervous than usual and it was only around Kibum this happened.

Taking a deep breath and turning towards the object of his affection, Jonghyun held the younger boys hands. Kibum looked surprised but didn’t pull away. He was used to the older boy and his skinship.

“Key, I’ve been thinking and-”

“KIM KIBUM!” A voice struck through the quiet area and whatever Jonghyun said next was lost in the sudden outburst.

Kibum, who had been intently listening, jumped at the voice. He peered into the dimly lit area and a smile as wide as the Han River appeared on his face.

“MARK?” Key ran into the darkness and hugged someone. Jonghyun, still with his hands held out gaped at the empty space before him.

The once quiet park was now filled with the screams and squeals of Kibum and the other boy. To Jonghyun, it looked like two fangirls who had just seen their favourite star walk by, smile and blow kisses at them.

He cleared his throat. No result.

He cleared his throat again. But it was like he’d put on the cloak of invisibility.

Exasperated, he coughed. Really loudly.

It was only then that Kibum turned around, still beaming.

“Hyung this is my best friend from the US and we studied together and his name is Mark and I haven’t seen him in since like god knows when and did I mention he was my best friend?” Kibum ranted.

Jonghyun had heard Key mention Mark once or twice. This was the first time he met him. Mark, Jonghyun noticed, was tall and really handsome. His fashion sense was not as stand out as Key’s but there was something there that oozed fashionista. He looked like someone Key would be really close to, tall, handsome and well-dressed more importantly.

Jonghyun noticed Mark held on to Kibum by his waist and didn’t look like he was planning on letting go. It irritated him a little but decided to shrug it off as his over protectiveness.

 “Key has told me all about you. It’s so nice to finally meet you. Big Fan”

Mark held out his hand and Jonghyun shook them in an awkward manner.

“Where have you been? You said you’ll call but never did! And then I tried calling you and it came switched off? Are you trying to ignore me Mark? Because if you are. And what you doing in Seoul?! You better have a reason to be here and not contact me. And-”

Mark hugged Key tightly to shut him up.

Jonghyun wanted to punch something. Jonghyun didn’t miss the smile on Key’s face when Mark hugged him. He didn't like it.

You’re just over-reacting. They’re friends. Just friends; friends who haven’t met in a long time. You hold hands and hug your friends too. It’s not a big deal. Calm down, Kim Jonghyun.

He came out of his trance when Kibum waved his hands.

“Hyung, do you want to come with us? We’re planning to go get some ramyun and catch up”

He felt out of place standing there watching the two friends reconnect. He wanted to go but knew that if he went he’d only feel more left out and irritated.

Forcing a smile, he declined the offer and told them to enjoy themselves.

Key looked at him worried. He knew there was something Jonghyun wanted to tell him and it was eating him out.

“Sure hyung? Okay. Tell me what you wanted to say tomorrow. Go home safe. Don’t wander around. Text me once you reach”

“Kibum, stop nagging and go.  Have fun and come back to the dorm soon”

Jonghyun watched as Mark pulled Key away. A part of him wanted to follow and see what they were upto but he knew that was pushing the limit.

Sighing, he walked back to their dorm hoping he’d get another chance the next day to speak to Key without further interruptions.
Little did he know that this was just the beginning.

 A/N1: I'm writing this for a friend. Mark, I hope you like it  ^^

A/N2 : Hope you guys like it!
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26 April 2013 @ 06:22 pm
Pairing: MinKey; JongTae
Genre: Fluff; Romance;
Length: One-Shot
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Beta: shriya_4

Summary: They're getting married and it's all just perfect.
Read more...Collapse )