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Behavioural analysis unit of drunk, awkward confessions


A/N: This is an addition to the Hostage Series but it's JongHo and it's for @BlingerThunder. Here you go Rini!

Jonghyun sank down into the comfort of his couch. With a beer in his hand, feet propped up on the table, he exhaled in a loud manner and looked around his empty apartment. It had been eight months since Dongwoo had left him but the memories still existed all around the place. In the kitchen where they spent their Sunday mornings licking cake batter off each other’s noses, in the living room where they had playfully fought for control of the remote or even in the bathroom where they shared morning shaves.

He was glad when the offer letter came in to work as a profiler at the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the National Intelligence Service. He had been moping round the house for two months when his best friend Lee Jinki had told him about the opening in his unit and had forced him to send in his resume.

Working at the BAU had been brilliant. It kept his mind off Dongwoo and had given him some sort of purpose in his seemingly aimless life. Everything was perfect except for one thing.

One person to be more precise.

Choi Minho.

Jonghyun let out another exaggerated sigh.

 He had walked into the office on his first day, prepared to do his very best but the sight of the tall lanky detective had immediately dampened his mood. His shoulders stooped as he walked into the conference room and sat down. Of all the people Jonghyun wanted to work with, Choi Minho was the last one.

The last day he had seen Minho was at their college graduation party three years ago where Jonghyun had drunkenly confessed his love for Minho in front of his entire class. Realizing what he had done the next day, he cut off any connection with Minho and promised himself he’d never see the person again. But seeing him again, all those feelings he had buried started to resurface. And he hated how good the man looked. He had grown an inch or two taller since then, cut off those beautifully long locks and had clearly, clearly been working out.

Jonghyun had wanted to sink into a hole never to return that first day. Minho had been very amused when their team leader, Yunho had introduced Jonghyun to them. Before anyone could say anything, Jonghyun had hurried out of the room, bruising himself against the doorknob. He wanted to choke Jinki for not telling him that Minho was in the same team.

‘Choi Minho’ he thought with a frustrated look pressing down on his beer bottle, hard. The man infuriated Jonghyun. It had been only a month since he started at the BAU but ever since that disastrous introduction, Jonghyun had tried to come up with different ways to avoid Minho or even his questions.

If Yunho paired him up with Minho, Jonghyun would bribe the other members on his team to switch places. If Minho came over with some files to be discussed, Jonghyun would look straight ahead and answer in mono-syllables. It went up to the extent that Jonghyun would not go to the washroom if he knew Minho was there which led to intense stomach pain and gas.

The doorbell rang lifting Jonghyun from his thoughts. It was pretty late and he wasn’t expecting anyone. Plus, Yunho had promised the team they wouldn’t be taking on another case for a couple of days. Still thinking about Minho he went to the door.

“It’s your house. Be comfortable” Minho spoke
Minho had walked in, grabbed a beer from the fridge and settled down on the couch.

Jonghyun was still at the door, mouth opening and closing, looking akin to a goldfish, unable to come up with comprehensible sentences. Only one thought was constantly going through his mind

What the fuck was Choi Minho doing at his house at 3 in the morning?

“… um what are you doing here?” Jonghyun asked, walking hesitantly towards Minho.

“Considering, you ignore me at work, I figured the only way to talk to you would be at your house.”

“At 3 in the morning?”

“Yeah. At 3. It’s affecting work” Minho added hastily.

Jonghyun looked at him skeptically. He didn’t know where to sit or what to say. He didn’t want to sit too close to Minho but he didn’t want to sit on the opposite chair either. How do you find the perfect spot that is close enough to smell the vanilla but not far enough to miss the twinkle in Minho’s eyes? He ended up standing in an awkward manner in front of Minho, half body leaning towards the couch and half leaning to the chair.

“Just sit, will you” Minho pulled Jonghyun into the space next to him.

Too close. Jonghyun stiffened as he felt the warmth from Minho’s body radiate onto his skin. He sat straight, hands on his knees, looking like a convent schoolboy about to get a scolding. Minho must have sensed the awkwardness because he shifted in his seat; away from Jonghyun.

“Can you please tell me why you’re ignoring me? It’s been a month since you joined and you still refuse to look at me when I speak or even go to the washroom when I’m there. And don’t give me the whole it’s a new place and there are new people reason cause I’ve seen how close you and the team have become” Minho spoke in one breath

“Well… umm..I’m shy?” Jonghyun stammered, feeling beads of sweat roll down his back.

“Bullshit. You and Key are practically best friends. And I’ve seen the way you flirt with Taemin. Don’t even deny it. I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out why you’ve been overlooking me.” Jonghyun looked up in surprise at the words.

“You really don’t know? Or you don’t remember?”

“Don’t remember what? Don’t know…. Wait are you referring to what happened at your graduation party?” Minho asked in disbelief.  Jonghyun hung his head and tried to hide the embarrassment creeping up his cheeks.

“I thought we were over that? Why are you the one who’s so awkward? Hell! I’m the one who’s supposed to be angry and awkward at you. You completely snubbed me and didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to my letter. You -”

“wait wait wait.. Snubbed you? Not reply to your letter? What letter?” Jonghyun interrupted, “What are you even talking about?”

“The letter where I told you how much I loved you. How much you meant to me. How much you confessing to me meant and how much I wanted to kiss you right then but you passed out before I got a chance to express how I truly felt. How much I wanted-”Minho was cut off again but this time by a pair of soft lips that smelt like beer “to do that” he completed.
He closed his eyes and pulled the shorter man towards him, hands enveloping his tiny frame. They fell on the couch, lips still sealed. Jonghyun opened his mouth and as their tongues collided, a soft moan escaped his lips. Soon, clothes started to come off, lamps fell off the side tables, the couch started weighing down with the movement of the two people and the moans got louder and faster.

Jonghyun traced his finger along Minho’s chest and smiled in content. He was sleeping on top the taller man and they were both naked, drenched in sweat and covered in cum. He was sticky and sweaty but for the first time in a long time, he was happy. Content and blissfully happy.

“Minho, the person you gave this letter to… it didn’t happen to be a certain Lee Jinki did it?”

“As a matter of fact, it was Jinki hyung. Why do you ask?” Minho answered.

“Oh nothing. Just thinking of plans to kill him” Jonghyun said threateningly.

Laughing, Minho pressed a small kiss on the older man’s forehead and pulled him closer making a mental promise not to let him slip away this time.

Jinki was cleaning the attic when he found his old yearbook. As he picked it up, something seemed to fall off from the last page. Curious, he picked it up.

Dear Jonghyun,

Considering you passed out before I could give you an answer and the fact that you’ve switched off your phone and refused to have any contact with the outside world, I have resorted to such age old means of communication.

I have always admired the way you worked with so much passion and gave every project your 110 percent. I was only a junior but seeing you push the boundaries motivated me to work all the more harder just so that you could notice me. We rarely spoke but every minute I spent with you, it felt like a little firecracker was going off in my heart. I may have constantly made jokes about your height but that was only to hide the blush that formed thinking of how you were the perfect height for me to wrap my arms around your tiny frame and place a kiss on your forehead.
I could go on, but I want to see your little face light up as I tell you.

Your confession got me off guard and maybe that’s why I had a shocked expression but what can one do when the person you’ve been secretly crushing on for more than a year suddenly tells you he loves you and wants to have your babies? You did the one thing I was too afraid to do. Confess. And I am so glad you did because I don’t think I could ever do what you did.

So here’s my answer Kim Jonghyun, Yes. Yes I will go out with you and be mushy and cuddly and do couple things with you. The only thing I refuse to do is stop making fun of your tiny frame. Because Kim Jonghyun, what you think makes you imperfect, is actually what makes you perfect. For me.


“What you reading there?” Kibum spoke coming into the attic.  He took the note from Jinki’s hand and scanned it.

“OMG This is so cute. Minho and Jonghyun! I always thought they didn’t like each other. They never spoke to each other much less be in the same room as each other. WE HAVE TO GET THEM TOGETHER BABY. WE JUST HAVE TO” Kibum squealed, squeezing Jinkis hand in the process.

“Wait..this is dated three years ago. Why is with you?  Lee Jinki what did you do? Or in this case, WHAT DIDN’T YOU NOT DO?” Kibum yelled.

Jinki took the letter from Kibums hand looking guiltier with each statement. He remembered now that Minho had given it to him hoping to get it to Jonghyun but he must have kept it in the yearbook and in the humdrum of the graduation, forgotten about it.

“Lee Jinki-” Kibum started.

“I can just tear it up and pretend like Minho never gave it to me if he ever asks…. Or or I can give it to him tomorrow and apologise profusely and promise to buy him lunch for the next week? okay month” Jinki said, avoiding the glare his husband was throwing at him. “Let’s go down. It’s time to feed the kids anyway” he said taking Kibums hand in one and clutching the letter in the other.
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