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Letters of the Rainbow- Blue

Pairing: JongYu
Genre: AU; Romance
Length: 3/7
Rating: G

Jonghyun drummed his pencil against the desk as he stared outside the window. He wasn’t looking at anything in particular just lost in his train of thought. He didn’t hear his professor call out his name or the snickers that followed. Only when he felt a pinch at his side did he snap back. He looked behind and glared at Minho who pointed towards the front. Sheepishly, he looked at his professor and mumbled a quick sorry. He tried to listen to his teacher drag on about the classification of animals but he must have floated away again because this time it ended with him getting detention.

He sat in the back-end of the classroom and took out his homework. He had never been in detention so he assumed this is what people did when they were here.

“You don’t have detention today Mr Jinki. I cannot just allow you to sit here for no fault of yours” the teacher’s voice made Jonghyun look up from his table.

“Because I’m bored and have no one else to be. Besides, this place has a few interesting people” Jinki said turning around and giving Jonghyun a wink. Jonghyun buried his head into the books and began scribbling away.

He tried to ignore the fact that Lee Jinki was sitting next to him, directly facing him and staring. Not looking, staring. He shifted uncomfortably and coughed, hoping the man would get the point but it only made Jinki cough louder and repeatedly.

“Mr. Jinki if you have a cough, please go home. Letting you sit here is a problem itself but hearing you cough is just a pain the behind” the teacher yelled from the front.

“If you just talk to me, he won’t go batshit crazy ya’know?” Jinki’s smooth voice trickled into Jonghyun’s ear making him shiver slightly.

“Why are you talking to me? What do you possibly want to talk to me about?” Jonghyun hissed writing furiously, not looking up.

“Easy there tiger. You’re going to rip that sheet apart. I thought you wanted to know the name of the person behind the letters?”

Jonghyun froze. His pencil fell to the ground with a soft thud and he felt his heart begin to pound in his ears. He felt his throat constrict and the room grow smaller. He couldn’t swallow and breathing became more difficult. The light around him began to swarm and soon turned to black.

Jonghyun squinted at the harsh light falling on his face.

“Well, that was a bit dramatic don’t you think?” a voice drew him out of the slumber. Images of what happened in detention came flooding in and he got up with a gasp. Turning around, he saw Jinki sitting at the nurse’s desk, feet propped up on the table, casually flipping through some health magazine.

“It was you. Why? Is this some sort of horrible prank? Playing with someone’s feelings isn’t very nice. Prank-”

“I didn’t know you talk so much. Jeez. I knew you wouldn’t talk to me in school. Even if I wanted to, I’d have to break through the barrier of those two weird friends who’re always hovering around you. So I figured this was the only way I could get you alone” Jinki shrugged going back to the magazine.

“My friends are not weird. If you approached me like a normal person, I’d talk to you. But what in world would you want to talk to me about? How’d do you know I go to the library by the way? And get me alone to do what exactly?” Jonghyun ended, eyes pointed.

“If you open your eyes and notice your surroundings, you’d notice that I go to the library everyday too. Some weird community service stuff. Plus the library has people. Agreed they’re all quiet but it’s nice to be in a room where I don’t only just hear my breathing. It beats the utter silence at home” he stopped mid-sentence realizing he had given away more than he wished.

A simple ‘Oh’ escaped Jonghyuns lips as he sat there stunned. This was the first time he’d had a proper conversation with Jinki and he already knew quite a bit.

“That still doesn’t answer why you want to talk to me”

Jinki got up and picked up his jacket. A dark expression painted his face and he walked towards Jonghyun, eyes in contact. Placing his hands on either side of

Jonghyun, he came close to the smaller boy. Jonghyun seemed to have lost the ability to voice out what was going on in his head. He held his breath as Jinki came closer till there was nothing but space for a thin paper in between their lips. Jonghyun could smell the cherry gum off Jinki’s lips. His brain told him he should be afraid but there was something completely unnerving yet natural about this that he just sat there, perfectly still. He stared into those kohl lined eyes and saw something that made him automatically lean forward making their lips brush.

“You’ll see” Jinki whispered, eyes still looking straight at Jonghyun as he walked away. Jonghyun realized he was holding his breath and exhaled slowly. He was about to leave the room when he noticed the blue paper next to him.

Would you like to go on a date with me?
Jonghyun walked towards the library, two internal debates raging in his head. Firstly, he didn’t know if he wanted to tell Minho and Kibum about what had happened. He had never kept a secret from them and he really didn’t want to but he didn’t feel like sharing this news with them.  Not just yet at the very least. Secondly, he didn’t know whether he should accept the proposal. He sat at the table, fidgeting and unable to concentrate. He was extra vigilant today, keeping his eyes open for Jinki but couldn’t find him. Giving up midway, he left the library early, giving the librarian and the other regulars a shock.

Tossing and turning, he tried to figure out how he should reply. His mind wandered to the evening and the thought of Jinki being in such close proximity to him made him blush in the dark. It had taken every ounce of fibre in his body to not press his lips against Jinki’s and hold him tight. Groaning at the growing problem, he rolled over and drifted into sleep.
The lunch table was a quiet place the next day. Minho and Kibum looked expectantly at Jonghyun who sat scarfing down his chicken salad. Midway, he realised his friends hadn’t eaten a single bite and were oddly quiet.

“Well…” Minho probed

“Well what?” Jonghyun asked playing confused.

“Did you get another note?” Kibum asked, voice bordering on the edge of threatening.

“Actually,….umm no. No I didn’t”

“That’s good. Who knew if it was a secret killer or rapist” Minho smiled in satisfaction earning an eye-roll from Kibum. Jonghyun bit back his smile and turned around to see Jinki grinning in his direction. Giving him a shy nod, he looked away, hand curled around his phone.
Tags: author: simplyplan, genre: au, pairing: jonghyun/onew
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