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Letters of the Rainbow- Indigo


You didn’t reply to me yesterday. Don’t worry; I’m not some creepy old man following you. Just a friend trying to get to know you better”

Jonghyun stared at the note. Only this time it was a piece of indigo paper. He contemplated the idea of Minho or Kibum pranking him but dismissed it entirely because those two had no other purpose in life than to tear each other’s brains out.

Twenty minutes and several scraps of paper later a scruffy haired Jonghyun had his reply.

Hello. Since I don’t know you, you will be creepy old man to me till you I get a name.

His phone buzzed.

“Did you get another letter? What did it say? Did you reply?” Jonghyun heard Kibums high pitched voice and sighed.

“Yah! I told you. It could be some creepy man for all we know. Tell me you didn’t”

And of course this a conference call with Minho on it Jonghyun thought.

“I may just reply.”

 He regretted it the minute he said those words. There was a five second pause followed instantly by what sounded to Jonghyun like a married couple deciding what’s best for their child. He put the phone down, let them carry on their argument and continued working on his assignment. When he thought he heard a percentage of silence, he picked up his phone.

“Are you guys done? Jeez. I said maybe. I didn’t say I would. Now stop bugging me, stop bugging each other and go finish your assignments before you’ll go hoarse from all that fighting”

When Mrs. Park reminded him it was time, he still hadn’t made up his mind on whether to leave the piece of paper or not.

He sighed deeply.

This was not the reality he wanted.

Or maybe it was.

He didn’t know.

He picked up his bag and began to walk away leaving the slip on the table.

He didn’t see the brown eyes that followed him out the library.

He didn’t hear the chuckle when he stopped mid-way, scratch his hair, turn to look at the note in hesitation, shake his head and walk on.

He didn’t notice a single thing out of place that day cause for the first time in a long time, Jonghyun felt excited about something.

It may be a small thing but it was definitely something.
Tags: author: simplyplan, genre: au, pairing: jongyu
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