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Letters of the Rainbow- Violet


It started on a Tuesday.

Like always, Kim Jonghyun, 16 years old, would go to the library at exactly 4:00 pm, sit at the exact same spot and study till the librarian would kindly remind him that it was closing time.

Today was different.

Different not in the sense that he was late or his spot was taken but different because when he sat down at his spot, he noticed a note.

A small violet coloured note, neatly folded in half, addressed to him.

Curious, he looked around to see who had put it there but the library was deserted. He stared at it for a whole minute before actually opening it.

Hey Jonghyun, it’s nice to finally talk to you. What’s it going to be today? Research or reading a Garcia Marquez novel?

 Jonghyun was taken aback. Not only did this person know his name but also the name of his favourite author. He looked around once again to see if he could find the person but the library was still as empty. The only person there was the librarian who in all certainty was knitting a sock for her grandson.

Trying his best to ignore the note, he began working on his homework but was distracted. He kept staring at the violet paper in front of him every two minutes. After what seemed like an eternity, the librarian came up to him to tell him they were closing.

“Mrs. Park, did you perhaps by any chance see who put this note on my table?”

“No dear. I didn’t happen to notice anything. Is there a problem?”

Shaking his head and mumbling to himself that it was nothing he went home.

He spent more than half that night thinking about the little violet note that lay at the bottom of his bag.

“So there was a note. Just a note. No signature nothing? Are you being stalked?”

Jonghyun looked at his best friend Choi Minho in disbelief as they sat down for lunch in the noisy cafeteria.

“Well, did you reply or not?”

Jonghyun turned his head in double disbelief towards his other best friend Kim Kibum.

“Reply? Are you insane Kibum. What if it’s a stalker and he rapes Jonghyun?”

“I don’t think-"

“Rape? Jeez Minho can you not think negative for just one second here. I mean, it may be a good thing you know? He may be Jonghyun’s prince charming”

“I honestly don’t think-”

“Shut up!” Minho and Kibum said in unison.

Jonghyun shrunk back and watched his two friends bicker.

He stared at the cafeteria around him. School was no heaven for people like him, Minho and Kibum. He was the school geek, Minho the socially awkward kid and Kibum the boy with the strange fashion.There was a sudden commotion that finally got Miho and Kibum to stop bickering. They looked towards the source of the clatter only to find it to be the school bully, Lee Jinki and his gang. Their latest target, a new student. They had surrounded the poor boy and were pushing him around.

Jonghyun felt a surge of anger and got up only to be pulled down by his friends.

“Do you want to get us killed? Remember our plan. 6 more months and we’re out of this hell hole. Till then, we lay low.”

Jonghyun stared at the bullies in disgust but he knew he couldn’t do anything. What angered him more was that there was no one, not a single person who could stand up to Lee Jinki or his posse.

 “Avoid eye contact, avoid eye contact” Kibum said furiously as he and Minho stared at their food.

Jonghyun tried but something made him look up and he found himself staring at the darkest of brown eyes.

Eyes so brown that would look perfect even without the black eyeliner that traced it.

Jonghyun felt a tingling sensation in his spine as he saw Lee Jinki walk away and for a second, just a second, he thought he saw Jinki blush.
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