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Hostage Chapter 5

Pairing: OnKey, Yunjae and a leetle of JongHo
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds Inspired
Length: 5/5

“When were you planning on telling us?” Jonghyun asked as they drove around the park, trying to search for the car.

“I was going to tell you’ll when it was all confirmed. It-” Jinki was cut off by a voice on the dispatch radio.

“Suspect spotted on Baker Lane, less than 3 kilometers from the park. Car see heading towards the Busan highway”

“Copy that. We’re the closest to him. We’re on our way” Jinki spoke into the radio.

“Hold on” Jonghyun warned as he took a sharp u-turn. He drove through the lanes, avoiding cars, buses and footpaths by inches as Jinki held on to the car handle.  They entered the highway and spotted the car a few meters ahead of them. As Jonghyun accelerated, Kimbum’s car seemed to have accelerated too. Jonghyun began cutting through lanes and driving in between cars as they started their chase.

“Mr. Shin must have figured we’re on to him. We need to block all sides” Jinki spoke into the radio. He heard Yunho giving orders to all policemen to barricade the end of the highway.

With Jonghyun and Jinki behind them and a police barricade in front, the Chevrolet had no place to run. It turned sharply trying to avoid the blockade but ended up hitting them, bringing the car to a halt.

“Mr.Shin, get out of the car, with your hands above your head” Yunho yelled.

Jonghyun stopped the car and the both of them jumped out holding up their weapons. The police stopped all traffic behind them and the BAU team formed a circle around the car. Kibum staggered out from the driver’s seat, blood matted across his hair and face. Minho and Changmin ran to help him.

Mr.Shin got out of the car, carrying Kyra, holding a gun.“If any one dares to take even one step towards me, I’ll blow her head off and then mine” Mr Shin said, pointing the gun at Kyra.

“NO!” Kibum tried to run forward only to be held back by Minho and Changmin. Kibum fell down, crying and looking utterly desperate.

“Let her go. Please let her go. She’s only a baby. Let my baby go.” Kibum whispered over and over again. Jinki watched this with a broken heart. All he wanted was to run across and embrace his husband and get them back their little girl but for that he had to focus.

“Drop you weapon Shin. This is not what you want. You don’t want to hurt that little girl. She’s only three.” Jonghyun spoke in a calm voice.

“You guys don’t know what I want. Nobody does. Why should they be happy?”

“Mr.Shin, we understand. That drunk driver took away your baby girl. You looked away for one second and she was gone. She was going to turn four in a week wasn’t she? It was cruel and she didn’t deserve to die. Then you’re wife left you because she blamed you for it and now she doesn’t let you meet your second child. It wasn’t your fault. Hyosung death wasn’t your fault.” Jinki reasoned.

“It wasn’t my fault. It really wasn’t. I looked away for one second and she ran out to the road. I couldn’t do anything. This was not my fault” the suspect staggered and fell on his knees, crying.

“We know that now and you don’t need to harm anyone else. We’re going to get you some help. Just put the weapon down and let her go.” Jinki spoke in a composed manner as he signaled to the team to move forward.

“Daddy” Kyra cried holding her hands out towards Jinki as she struggled to get free.

Mr. Shin sighed in defeat and put Kyra down.

“Baby come to daddy. Come here honey. Don’t look back.” Jinki called out as Kyra came running towards him. Jonghyun picked up Kyra and moved away as Jinki stayed on the unsub.

“Mr.Shin place the weapon on the floor and put your hands where I can see them” Yunho ordered.

 “It isn’t worth living anymore is it?” the unsub looked up towards Yunho, tears running down his face as he bought his gun to his forehead and closed his eyes, pain and anguish written all over.

 “No!” Yunho screamed running to disarm Mr.Shin, Changmin blocked Key as Jonghyun shielded Kyra from the view and covered her ears.

There was a loud bang and Jonghyun turned around to see Mr.Shin on the floor, Jinki standing behind him, traces of smoke still being discharged from his gun.

Jinki had shot Mr.Shin in the shoulder therefore only disarming him and not actually killing him. The paramedics carried Mr.Shin towards the ambulance.

Jonghyun left Kyra down and she ran towards Jinki and he picked her up, tears streaming down his face.  Changmin let go of Kibum and he walked towards his family smiling as he wiped away the tears.

There seemed to be a small commotion and Yunho looked around to see his husband arguing with a police officer that was at the barricade.

“Yunho. YUNHO. Tell this man that I am your husband and I demand to be let in.”

Yunho shook his head and gave the nod towards the police officer. Jaejoong came running and Yunho pointed towards the center.

The Lee family stood in the center, not letting go of each other. Jinki held on to his two most important people and swore to himself that he’d never let anything like this happen to them. And when their second child came, he’d make sure that the baby never put their family in danger

Jinki looked towards his team and whispered a ‘Thank You’ as he kissed his husband and daughter on the head.
Tags: author: simplyplan, genre: au, genre: criminal minds, pairing: onkey
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