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Hostage Chapter 4

Pairing:OnKey, Yunjae and a leetle JongHo
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds Inspired
Length: 4/5

The next few minutes in the BAU board room was chaos.

Jaejoong found it hard to breathe. He stood there, his face turning a shade lighter with each breath.

Changmin and Junsu started making calls to the local Police Department.

Yoochun and Jonghyun started barking orders to everyone in the office.

Minho ran to the board and started marking out the distance on the map.

Jinki stood there frozen amidst all the noise, not registering a single thing.

It took Yunho’s calm and commanding voice to get them all to stop and focus. He knew this became a high profile case when a member was involved.

“Everyone stop what they’re doing. Taemin, see if you can trace that call.”

“Already on it boss.”

“Good. Junsu, Changmin get all the police cars in the city on the road now. I want every officer on the road looking for this son of a bitch. Minho, once Taemin gets you the location, mark it on the map and decide where he’s most likely to drive them to. Jonghyun you stay with Jinki. Jaejoong, honey, I need you to breathe.  You need to tell me all that you know about this Mr.Shin”

Jaejoong stared at Yinho, blank. He tried to focus on what Yunho was saying but his eyes kept travelling to Jinki’s slumped figure and the thought of Kibum and the baby in the car with that psychopath wasn’t helping.

“Jaejoong, love, look at me. The best way you can help Jinki right now is by telling me everything about this man. Taemin is looking for his files but we could use your input too” Yunho’s calming voice bought Jaejoong back to his senses.

Nodding, “Umm. Mr  Shin started working for us 3 years ago. He manages all our accounts. He lost his 3 year old daughter, Hyosung in a car accident. He was supposed to be taking care of her but while he was at the gas station, he took his eyes away for one second and she ran onto the road and there was a car. His wife left him soon after. She was pregnant with their second child. He tried talking to her but she filed for a restriction order a year ago. He was so friendly with Kyra and he seemed to like Kibum too. Why would he do this? He seemed happy when Kibum told us, 3 weeks ago, that they were looking to adopt again. Even today morning he was overjoyed when the news of the adoption came through. I don’t understand. ” Jaejoong finished with a sigh.

Jinki looked up from his chair, his expression worsening. “We never told anyone about our second adoption. I knew he would tell you but didn’t know Mr.Shin would know too. What could he possibly want?”

“So that was the stressor wasn’t it? When he found out 3 weeks ago that they were planning to adopt, the killing started and when he found out that the adoption papers came through, it escalated. He didn’t want Jinki hyung to be happy because all his happiness was taken from him” Jonghyun said looking serious.

“Jaejoong, love do you know any of these victims?” Yunho asked pointing to the board.

“Oh my god they’re all our clients. They all have kids whose birthday parties we were organizing. I should have watched the news I would have recognized them but you know how I don’t like seeing such stuff. I turn the TV off each time something this depressing comes on. What if this is my fault. If I had watched the news like any normal person I would have been able to tell you sooner and you’ll would have found your link and Kibum and Kyra would be safe” Jaejoong rambled.

“Honey, honey calm down. This is not your fault. You’re here now and you’ve given is this information which is great. Now this officer here is going to take you home. I’ll call you when we find them”Yunho said motioning for the officer to take Jaejoong.

Jaejoong shook off the man’s arm and looked at Yunho angrily.

“I will not go anywhere” Jaejoong huffed sitting down on the chair, refusing to budge.  Yunho knew it was a lost cause.

“Sir I got a hit on the call. It came from a local booth, 2 kilometers from Jinki hung’s house, near a park.”Taemin said.

“Kibum takes Kyra out for a walk near the Chundeong Park everyday around this time” Jinki whispered from his chair.

“The police officers spotted Kibum’s blue Chevrolet car just a little further away” Junsu said coming into the room

“Okay let’s move out. Jinki, stay here with Taemin and we’ll co-ordinate through the phone. Minho, have you figured out the distance?”

“Based on his previous killings, he usually takes them around the point he abducted them for at least 2 to 3 hours before killing them. I’ve marked out the different routes and the closest highways. Taemin will send us the routes along with highway co-ordinates”

Yunho picked up his gun and looked around the room. He was met with worried faces. He knew how hard of a case this had become in the past ten minutes “Okay guys let’s break up into teams like before. Take different routes. I want police officers stationed at all the highways. Nobody gets in or out of the city. Jinki stay here with Taemin. Let’s go catch this bastard and get them back safely to Jinki”

“No way. I am not staying here while some psychopath drives my husband and baby girl around in a car. I am coming with you’ll.” Jinki said picking up his bullet proof vest and his gun.

Yunho wanted to stop him but he knew it wouldn’t work. Nodding, they all headed out, determination etched across their faces.
Tags: genre: au, genre: criminal minds, pairing: onkey
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