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Hostage Chapter 3

Pairing: OnKey; YunJae and leetle of Jongho
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds Inspired
Length: 3/5

“He didn’t wait for a week. Something’s happened. He’s accelerating. If we don’t find him, he may kill again. And soon” Minho told Changmin as they saw the medics take the bodies away. It was the same Method of kill. The woman was shot dead and the kid strangled.

“You’re on speaker love. Go ahead” Minho said flipping open his phone.

“Okay, so the latest victim is Kim Anna , 26. Her little baby boy you’ll found was Ryan. He was only four. She’s English but married a Korean and settled here and yes you have guessed right, she is a person loved by all” Taemin replied, voice filled with sadness.

At the bureau, Jinki stood by the coffee machine, thinking how his day had taken a 360 degree turn. He had woken up to find out that the adoption papers for their second child had come through and that their three year old baby girl would now have a younger brother. He had been overjoyed, taking Kibum into his arms and twirling the younger boy around the room as he cried in happiness. He kissed him deeply and passionately, with each touch sending shivers down his spine. He looked into those brown eyes and felt happiness burst forth like the sun on a spring day.

After two years of marriage Kibum had thrown subtle hints of wanting to adopt. He would leave adoption ads lying around the house just so Jinki would find them, watch tv shows that had a baby in it or sigh in loud over-exaggerated manner when they passed through the kids section in the mall but Jinki didn’t get it. The man was a little slow when it came to such things. He had met the younger boy at a party in Yunho’s house and Kibum instantly fell for the goofy, clumsy yet warm hearted boy in Jinki. The older boy on the other hand found Kibum strange. Kibum and Jaejoong, Yunho’s husband, ran a birthday and wedding planning organization. Jinki found everything about Kibum loud. His clothes, his laugh, the way he spoke and the way he hit on Jinki. But the latter had no clue. He was as lost as a little boy without his mom at a fair. There was something in Kibum that drew Jinki to him but he wasn’t sure what, so when he had to ask Kibum out on their first date, he did it only after everyone in the bureau told him that he Kibum actually liked him and was waiting to be asked out. He was a little poor in reading social signs. It was only when Kibum dragged him to one of the birthday parties of a kid he was organizing, did he finally get it. Jaejoong had spelt it out to him in the corner and then did realization strike home. He had always wanted kids and now that Kibum was ready for them, he was too. That night, they both made love to each other, with a different sense of passion and the next day, they filed for adoption. Two months and seven days later, they bought home a beautiful, healthy 4 month old baby girl. Her name was Kyra.

They had been trying for another child but the adoption agency was making it difficult. He knew how much it would mean to Kibum to have another child. So after 6 months of rejections and disappointments when Jinki heard that they could finally adopt, the feeling was something words couldn’t describe.

“Reminiscing about something?” Yoochun asked pulling Jinki out of his trance.

“Nothing. Just nothing. Did you find anything at the gas stations?” Jinki enquired.

Yoochun looked hopeful, “We’ve got a sketch. We’re ready to give the profile”

The team stood at the head of the room and addressed the police officers.

“The man we’re looking for is male and in his mid-thirties to forties. He’s extremely patient as he stalks out his victims”

“He’s known to these victims and they probably trust him.”

“He’s suffered some major loss. He shoots the mother in cold blood and then strangles the child. He wants the fathers and husbands to suffer. Probably because he’s in a similar position too. So look into men who’ve lost children and or gone through a divorce recently.”

“He used to kill a week apart but the latest victim shows that something has changed.  There was a stressor that caused him to kill and something major has happened in the last 24 hours causing him to kill again.”

“We believe all these women and children are surrogates for his final victim. We need to find out who his targets are and warn them. Given his sudden breakdown, he’s already planning their kill.

“This is a sketch given by the gas station people. Make sure copies are made and handed out. If this man is on a mission, we need to stop it” Yunho concluded.

Before Yunho could give them further instructions, Jinki got a call.

He went into his office.

“What are you doing here? I’m busy” Yunho said surprisingly as he saw Jaejoong enter the room.

“I just needed to see you. And congratulate Jinki. Where is the boy?” Jaejoong leaned around Yunho trying to search for the boy when his eyes fell on the sketch.

“Why is Mr Shin on your wall? Is he a suspect? Jaejoong asked.

Yunho’s eyes widened, “You know the man? Where from?”

And just as he said that, Jinki entered the room, pale and dazed.

“Hyung you okay?” Jonghyun called out

“He’s taken Kibum and Kyra”
Tags: author: simplyplan, genre: au, genre: criminal minds, pairing: onkey
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