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08 December 2015 @ 11:03 am
She didn’t know how it happened, but it happened. One minute they were on the stairs, talking about something trivial when she felt her face being pulled in closer and before she knew it, two soft lips had met hers.

What started out as an innocent meeting between two friends soon turned into a burning desire for both.

 They had met on the terrace of a widely acclaimed hotel on a cold December night. She was a girl from the south. Not used to the biting cold. He, a person from the north who embraced the cold like an old friend. This was their first meeting. After weeks of exchanging texts, they had finally gotten the opportunity to meet each other. She had walked in, sweaty hands, turbulent stomach and unaware of what or rather who was waiting.  He met her with a hug and suddenly the invisible cloud that hung over her, disappeared. In the process of sharing a laugh and sipping on a few drinks, she found her hands entwined in his.

It felt nice.

It felt comfortable.

It felt safe.

They walked the roads, hands still entwined, as he sipped on his coffee and she explored the city with open eyes. She had to leave but he wouldn’t let her. Holding her back with mere words and simple smiles. They sat on a flight of stairs, the single streetlight complimenting their faces. They spoke of everything. From the beauty of the stars to the drunk stories of their friends.

She placed her head on her knees and watched him ramble animatedly as the light danced off his cheeks. He stopped midway. She looked up wondering what had gone wrong. He brought a hand to her chin, pulling closer.

She leaned in, heart racing, noise cancelling and streetlights dimming.

His lips felt soft. It was momentary but perfect. They pulled apart, blood rushing to their cheeks. It was hard to make eye-contact. She turned away, a grin taking over her entire face. She hid in the crook of her arm, trying to reel her mind back in. It felt like a big ball of particles had exploded in her brain and were now travelling to every inch of her body, igniting nerves she never knew existed. His eyes twinkled as he saw her reaction. She tried keeping a straight face but each time she looked at him, there it was. That inevitable grin that refused to go away.

She didn’t know car rides could be romantic. But now she did. She spent the entire ride leaning against him, listening as he lectured her on pollution levels in the city and law cases he was studying of.

Hands still entwined.

He placed soft kisses on her forehead, each tingling the nerves in her spine. She didn’t want to leave but she had to. Their goodbye was brief and fast. She rushed out of the car, tripping on her feet. He held onto her, his fingers tugging at hers. And as she moved away, he wrapped her into his broad frame and placed one final kiss on her temple.

She didn’t expect the night to go the way it did. But she was glad it did. It awakened in her a feeling that seemed like a faraway dream all these years.

It left her breathless and wanting for more.

It left her with random smiles and warm fuzzy feelings.

It left her happy.

It left her heart entwined.

A/N: so this is just something that's been going on in my head for the past 3~4 days and I had to let them all out.
Evania  - ♥
05 October 2015 @ 10:25 am

Pairing: JongYu
Genre: AU
Length: 4/7
Rating: G

Jonghyun spent his weekends either cooped up in his room or cooped up in the library or cooped up in either Minho or Kibum’s house. In the evenings, he would read to kids at the orphan home close to his house. That Saturday, much to his parents’ wonder, he took a stroll in the park. Sitting on the bench, he looked around and tried what Jinki told him. He noticed a woman sitting on a picnic blanket reading a book.

“You look like you’re trying to poop” Jinki sat down startling Jonghyun out of concentration. “I went by your house and your mom said I’ll find you here. She didn’t know who I was and looked genuinely surprised when I told her I was your friend. Man you really don’t hang out with anyone apart from Minho and Kibum, do you?”

“Woah woah you went to my house? Why? You could’ve just called. Plus why are you here? I thought we were meeting in the evening?”

“Would you believe me if I told you that I couldn’t wait to see you” he winked, a mischievous twinkle in his lips.

Jonghyun scoffed and lightly hit Jinki’s thigh only for the other to take the opportunity and intertwine their fingers. Jonghyun fell back on the bench and Jinki nuzzled against him. It had been less than 24 hours but something about this just felt so right and perfect that Jonghyun pushed the tiny streak of scepticism to the back of his mind.

“So what were you trying to do if not poop in your pants?”

“Trying to build a story around the woman there but I can’t come up with anything”

“What have you built?”

“Oh it’s nothing. It’s really stupid anyway”

“I’ll be the judge of that. Let me hear what you got” Jinki egged.

“Well, she seems like she enjoys reading and spends time at the park a lot and-” Jinki stopped him midsentence.

“Don’t build a story on what she seems like.  Tell me what you’d like her to be.”

“I’d like for her to be an artist. Someone who sees the beauty in the hues and shades of human emotions. Someone who appreciates and understands the sensitivity that goes behind art. She’s just finished a painting that she’s proud and content of so she’s taking a day off to bask in the satisfaction of completion. She’s probably meeting her mother for lunch and thinking of buying her nephew a tiny canvas because she’s seen his interest in the colours” he looked towards Jinki hopeful.

“Not bad tiger. Not bad. Who knew you’d have such a sentimental side to you and a love for the arts! Kinda makes me not want to spill the bad news. I actually came to tell you I won’t be able to make it to dinner tonight. My parents turned up today morning from one of their business trips and they want to go out for a ‘family’ dinner. I tried getting out of it but they seem pretty adamant and this is the first time they’ve actually wanted to do something together in like 5 years. I didn’t have the heart to say no.”

Jonghyun had come home, doll under arm, a smile wide as the Atlantic Ocean plastered across his face only to find Minho pacing across the room and Kibum sitting on the chair, arms folded, eyes narrowed and legs crossed.

“So where were you? You told us the library got a new Julian Barnes book and you wanted to be the first one to read it but how come when Minho and I went there, we found you hadn’t even gone to the library. Then we came here because we were concerned you’d be sick, because you missing your precious library time is as rare as Minho talking in class. But your mum tells us you went to the park and a friend came here asking about you. Minho and I spend the rest of the night worrying which friend cause you have only the two of us, unless you made some secret friend that you didn’t bother telling us. Then Minho remembers the ‘letter dude’ and starts hyperventilating that you may be getting raped and in you walk, looking dandier than a sunflower and blushing like the Red Sea!” he exhaled loudly.

Jonghyun was standing opposite his friends, trying very hard to not giggle. He was so happy that any amount of ‘yelling’ that Kibum or Minho did wasn’t going to dampen his spirits.

“I will tell you who the person is but you will promise me that you will not judge and nor will you tell anyone else about him” and so Jonghyun began the story of Lee Jinki, the man behind the rainbow letters.

It was the first time that Minho and Kibum had kept quiet through anything Jonghyun had said. When he was done, there was an eerie silence in the room.
Jonghyun raised his eyebrows, “You guys don’t have anything to say?”

“Jonghyun, I know you think Jinki is a really nice guy and you clearly seem to like him. A lot. But its Jinki, love. Are you sure about this?” Kibum spoke worry lines clear in his voice. He looked towards Minho in support

“What Kibum is saying is… well... You know what kind of a guy Jinki is. We all do. For him to suddenly take an interest in you after so many years and open up to someone he’s never spoken too just seems a little fishy. We may be completely wrong and I hope to god we are and that Jinki is every bit of the nice man you’re painting out to be but we’re just not completely sure about this. Kibum and I can see how smitten you are by him and we just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“What are you trying to say” Jonghyun’s voice trembled.

“What we’re trying to say is, are you sure this isn’t some prank? Some bad joke or dare that Jinki is pulling on you. You know the kind of things Jinki and his gang do. We’re not trying to be pessimistic. We’re just looking out for you”

Jonghyun sat on his bed, fidgety and restless. After his friends had left, he had tried reading a book to forget everything but the words would swarm into nothingness and an intense pain would erupt at the bridge of his nose. He tried falling asleep but couldn’t find the perfect spot. He tried watching some TV but had seen it all on Netflix. So there he was, walking up and down his room, unable to sleep, with a lot of time on his hands, nothing to do and a worry cloud the size of an elephant weighing down on him. Groaning he saw that it was only 10pm.

After Jinki had told him about the sudden change of plans, they had sat at the park weaving stories around a few people. When Jinki’s tummy had given a loud enough rumble, Jonghyun had dragged him to his favourite sushi place. They walked around town after that, arms connected sharing laughs and cotton candy.

They were walking on the street, Jonghyun trying to persuade Jinki to stop pretending to be a bully when Jinki suddenly stopped. He was looking through the window of a music store, staring longingly at a beautiful acoustic guitar. Jonghyun knew the look. It was the same look he’d get in his eyes when he’d walk by a bookstore and gaze at the books knowing he couldn’t buy any cause he had spent all his pocket money buying other books. He dragged Jinki into the store and soon the whole place was engulfed with Jinki’s smoky voice and the cascading tones of the guitar.

Jonghyun stood in his room, mentally picturing himself at that moment. Jinki had been a little reluctant but the minute he sat on that stool and strummed the guitar, it was like the world around him had disappeared.  Jonghyun couldn’t find the perfect words to describe Jinki’s voice. At first it sounded like sipping hot chocolate on a cold, dark evening but then as the voice grew deeper and more soulful, it felt like waking up on a Sunday morning enveloped by warm hands, wrapped in a blanket, sharing a kiss.

Jinki had left Jonghyun at the orphanage with a small Tigger doll they had won at the arcade and a yellow note with Jonghyun’s favourite quote from his favourite book.

“Love is not a condition of the spirit but a sign of the Zodiac”
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23 September 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Pairing: JongYu
Genre: AU
Length: 4/7
Rating: G

Jonghyun sat at the table, heart in his ear. He had skipped out his daily ritual of going to the library, turned down Minho’s offer for his moms award winning Beef Chili only to be sitting in the corner table of a quaint diner, poking at his steak, awkwardly staring all over the place and speaking in monosyllable. Jinki had been entertained with all of this even laughing when Jonghyun tripped on his own shoelace while walking to their table.

Unable to contain his curiosity, he asked “Why did you ask me out? We’ve never spoken to each other and you don’t know anything about me.”

“And he knows more than one word!” Jinki raised his arms in exaltation. “I was waiting for that. So, where do I begin? I think it all goes back to the library. I was sent there by school in the name of ‘community service’ to generally help out. I observe people a lot. I may not know who the person is or what they do but I like building my own stories around them. Like look at that guy at the end of the restaurant” he pointed.

Jonghyun turned and saw an old man in suspenders drinking some soup and reading the evening newspaper. “I’d like to think that he comes here on the third Friday of every month, sits in that exact spot and has the same menu every time because it’s where he had a date with a woman who he had loved dearly but an illness took her away early. She loved this restaurant and that soup was her favourite and she always sat at that booth. He comes here to celebrate her memory and their time together.  Anyway, back to how you and I came about. I could never build a story around you and it was like an itch in my brain that I just couldn’t scratch. Or maybe it was because I wanted to get to know the real you and not want it to be something fictional. So in order to get that itch out, I spoke to you Yes, I don’t know you very well but isn’t that what a date is for? To get to know the person better and for me to build the real story? Jinki laughed, eyes sparkling.

They walked home, welcoming the quiet and the cool breeze. Jonghyun was surprised at how soft a person Jinki was. He may look and act like a bully, but really, underneath all that exterior was a big soft plushie bear waiting to be listened. Jinki had spoken at length about his family and the problems he had at home and why he acts the way he acts. He had been surprised Jonghyun had sat through all that ranting and venting, nodding sympathetically and holding his hand at the hard times. On a whim, Jinki linked their fingers.

They stopped at the corner of Jonghyun’s street, “You want to know why I asked you out.” Jinki whispered brushing the hair out of Jonghyun’s hair. “Its cause in that shit hole we call school, you’re the only one who isn’t a judgemental prick. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to say yes but I’m so glad you did.” One hand still linked with Jonghyun’s, Jinki used his free hand to embrace Jonghyun, bringing him closer. Jonghyun froze for a brief moment before wrapping his arms around Jinki’s waist and giving a tight squeeze. He hoped the night would hide the colour rising in his cheek.

 “Pink is a good colour on you” Jinki joked, still holding on to the hands as they pulled apart.

“I got to go. My curfew ended half hour ago” Jonghyun tugged but didn’t make an effort to move. He gazed into the kohl drawn eyes that looked blacker under the streetlight than the usual dark brown.

“I think it’s time you go home tiger. I’ll see you tomorrow” Jinki murmured pulling away. Placing a kiss on his cheek, Jinki disappeared into the night, leather jacket, earrings and all.

A warmth spread inside Jonghyun and he shivered. He felt a rustle when he put his hand inside his jacket and pulled out a green paper.

“Thank you for everything. Thank you for listening”

Still dizzy with happiness, he entered his house and fell to the bed, a smile dancing on his lips as he drifted into oblivion.
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23 September 2015 @ 10:03 am

Pairing: JongYu
Genre: AU; Romance
Length: 3/7
Rating: G

Jonghyun drummed his pencil against the desk as he stared outside the window. He wasn’t looking at anything in particular just lost in his train of thought. He didn’t hear his professor call out his name or the snickers that followed. Only when he felt a pinch at his side did he snap back. He looked behind and glared at Minho who pointed towards the front. Sheepishly, he looked at his professor and mumbled a quick sorry. He tried to listen to his teacher drag on about the classification of animals but he must have floated away again because this time it ended with him getting detention.

He sat in the back-end of the classroom and took out his homework. He had never been in detention so he assumed this is what people did when they were here.

“You don’t have detention today Mr Jinki. I cannot just allow you to sit here for no fault of yours” the teacher’s voice made Jonghyun look up from his table.

“Because I’m bored and have no one else to be. Besides, this place has a few interesting people” Jinki said turning around and giving Jonghyun a wink. Jonghyun buried his head into the books and began scribbling away.

He tried to ignore the fact that Lee Jinki was sitting next to him, directly facing him and staring. Not looking, staring. He shifted uncomfortably and coughed, hoping the man would get the point but it only made Jinki cough louder and repeatedly.

“Mr. Jinki if you have a cough, please go home. Letting you sit here is a problem itself but hearing you cough is just a pain the behind” the teacher yelled from the front.

“If you just talk to me, he won’t go batshit crazy ya’know?” Jinki’s smooth voice trickled into Jonghyun’s ear making him shiver slightly.

“Why are you talking to me? What do you possibly want to talk to me about?” Jonghyun hissed writing furiously, not looking up.

“Easy there tiger. You’re going to rip that sheet apart. I thought you wanted to know the name of the person behind the letters?”

Jonghyun froze. His pencil fell to the ground with a soft thud and he felt his heart begin to pound in his ears. He felt his throat constrict and the room grow smaller. He couldn’t swallow and breathing became more difficult. The light around him began to swarm and soon turned to black.

Jonghyun squinted at the harsh light falling on his face.

“Well, that was a bit dramatic don’t you think?” a voice drew him out of the slumber. Images of what happened in detention came flooding in and he got up with a gasp. Turning around, he saw Jinki sitting at the nurse’s desk, feet propped up on the table, casually flipping through some health magazine.

“It was you. Why? Is this some sort of horrible prank? Playing with someone’s feelings isn’t very nice. Prank-”

“I didn’t know you talk so much. Jeez. I knew you wouldn’t talk to me in school. Even if I wanted to, I’d have to break through the barrier of those two weird friends who’re always hovering around you. So I figured this was the only way I could get you alone” Jinki shrugged going back to the magazine.

“My friends are not weird. If you approached me like a normal person, I’d talk to you. But what in world would you want to talk to me about? How’d do you know I go to the library by the way? And get me alone to do what exactly?” Jonghyun ended, eyes pointed.

“If you open your eyes and notice your surroundings, you’d notice that I go to the library everyday too. Some weird community service stuff. Plus the library has people. Agreed they’re all quiet but it’s nice to be in a room where I don’t only just hear my breathing. It beats the utter silence at home” he stopped mid-sentence realizing he had given away more than he wished.

A simple ‘Oh’ escaped Jonghyuns lips as he sat there stunned. This was the first time he’d had a proper conversation with Jinki and he already knew quite a bit.

“That still doesn’t answer why you want to talk to me”

Jinki got up and picked up his jacket. A dark expression painted his face and he walked towards Jonghyun, eyes in contact. Placing his hands on either side of

Jonghyun, he came close to the smaller boy. Jonghyun seemed to have lost the ability to voice out what was going on in his head. He held his breath as Jinki came closer till there was nothing but space for a thin paper in between their lips. Jonghyun could smell the cherry gum off Jinki’s lips. His brain told him he should be afraid but there was something completely unnerving yet natural about this that he just sat there, perfectly still. He stared into those kohl lined eyes and saw something that made him automatically lean forward making their lips brush.

“You’ll see” Jinki whispered, eyes still looking straight at Jonghyun as he walked away. Jonghyun realized he was holding his breath and exhaled slowly. He was about to leave the room when he noticed the blue paper next to him.

Would you like to go on a date with me?
Jonghyun walked towards the library, two internal debates raging in his head. Firstly, he didn’t know if he wanted to tell Minho and Kibum about what had happened. He had never kept a secret from them and he really didn’t want to but he didn’t feel like sharing this news with them.  Not just yet at the very least. Secondly, he didn’t know whether he should accept the proposal. He sat at the table, fidgeting and unable to concentrate. He was extra vigilant today, keeping his eyes open for Jinki but couldn’t find him. Giving up midway, he left the library early, giving the librarian and the other regulars a shock.

Tossing and turning, he tried to figure out how he should reply. His mind wandered to the evening and the thought of Jinki being in such close proximity to him made him blush in the dark. It had taken every ounce of fibre in his body to not press his lips against Jinki’s and hold him tight. Groaning at the growing problem, he rolled over and drifted into sleep.
The lunch table was a quiet place the next day. Minho and Kibum looked expectantly at Jonghyun who sat scarfing down his chicken salad. Midway, he realised his friends hadn’t eaten a single bite and were oddly quiet.

“Well…” Minho probed

“Well what?” Jonghyun asked playing confused.

“Did you get another note?” Kibum asked, voice bordering on the edge of threatening.

“Actually,….umm no. No I didn’t”

“That’s good. Who knew if it was a secret killer or rapist” Minho smiled in satisfaction earning an eye-roll from Kibum. Jonghyun bit back his smile and turned around to see Jinki grinning in his direction. Giving him a shy nod, he looked away, hand curled around his phone.
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A/N: This is an addition to the Hostage Series but it's JongHo and it's for @BlingerThunder. Here you go Rini!

Jonghyun sank down into the comfort of his couch. With a beer in his hand, feet propped up on the table, he exhaled in a loud manner and looked around his empty apartment. It had been eight months since Dongwoo had left him but the memories still existed all around the place. In the kitchen where they spent their Sunday mornings licking cake batter off each other’s noses, in the living room where they had playfully fought for control of the remote or even in the bathroom where they shared morning shaves.

He was glad when the offer letter came in to work as a profiler at the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the National Intelligence Service. He had been moping round the house for two months when his best friend Lee Jinki had told him about the opening in his unit and had forced him to send in his resume.

Working at the BAU had been brilliant. It kept his mind off Dongwoo and had given him some sort of purpose in his seemingly aimless life. Everything was perfect except for one thing.

One person to be more precise.

Choi Minho.

Jonghyun let out another exaggerated sigh.

 He had walked into the office on his first day, prepared to do his very best but the sight of the tall lanky detective had immediately dampened his mood. His shoulders stooped as he walked into the conference room and sat down. Of all the people Jonghyun wanted to work with, Choi Minho was the last one.

The last day he had seen Minho was at their college graduation party three years ago where Jonghyun had drunkenly confessed his love for Minho in front of his entire class. Realizing what he had done the next day, he cut off any connection with Minho and promised himself he’d never see the person again. But seeing him again, all those feelings he had buried started to resurface. And he hated how good the man looked. He had grown an inch or two taller since then, cut off those beautifully long locks and had clearly, clearly been working out.

Jonghyun had wanted to sink into a hole never to return that first day. Minho had been very amused when their team leader, Yunho had introduced Jonghyun to them. Before anyone could say anything, Jonghyun had hurried out of the room, bruising himself against the doorknob. He wanted to choke Jinki for not telling him that Minho was in the same team.

‘Choi Minho’ he thought with a frustrated look pressing down on his beer bottle, hard. The man infuriated Jonghyun. It had been only a month since he started at the BAU but ever since that disastrous introduction, Jonghyun had tried to come up with different ways to avoid Minho or even his questions.

If Yunho paired him up with Minho, Jonghyun would bribe the other members on his team to switch places. If Minho came over with some files to be discussed, Jonghyun would look straight ahead and answer in mono-syllables. It went up to the extent that Jonghyun would not go to the washroom if he knew Minho was there which led to intense stomach pain and gas.

The doorbell rang lifting Jonghyun from his thoughts. It was pretty late and he wasn’t expecting anyone. Plus, Yunho had promised the team they wouldn’t be taking on another case for a couple of days. Still thinking about Minho he went to the door.

“It’s your house. Be comfortable” Minho spoke
Minho had walked in, grabbed a beer from the fridge and settled down on the couch.

Jonghyun was still at the door, mouth opening and closing, looking akin to a goldfish, unable to come up with comprehensible sentences. Only one thought was constantly going through his mind

What the fuck was Choi Minho doing at his house at 3 in the morning?

“… um what are you doing here?” Jonghyun asked, walking hesitantly towards Minho.

“Considering, you ignore me at work, I figured the only way to talk to you would be at your house.”

“At 3 in the morning?”

“Yeah. At 3. It’s affecting work” Minho added hastily.

Jonghyun looked at him skeptically. He didn’t know where to sit or what to say. He didn’t want to sit too close to Minho but he didn’t want to sit on the opposite chair either. How do you find the perfect spot that is close enough to smell the vanilla but not far enough to miss the twinkle in Minho’s eyes? He ended up standing in an awkward manner in front of Minho, half body leaning towards the couch and half leaning to the chair.

“Just sit, will you” Minho pulled Jonghyun into the space next to him.

Too close. Jonghyun stiffened as he felt the warmth from Minho’s body radiate onto his skin. He sat straight, hands on his knees, looking like a convent schoolboy about to get a scolding. Minho must have sensed the awkwardness because he shifted in his seat; away from Jonghyun.

“Can you please tell me why you’re ignoring me? It’s been a month since you joined and you still refuse to look at me when I speak or even go to the washroom when I’m there. And don’t give me the whole it’s a new place and there are new people reason cause I’ve seen how close you and the team have become” Minho spoke in one breath

“Well… umm..I’m shy?” Jonghyun stammered, feeling beads of sweat roll down his back.

“Bullshit. You and Key are practically best friends. And I’ve seen the way you flirt with Taemin. Don’t even deny it. I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out why you’ve been overlooking me.” Jonghyun looked up in surprise at the words.

“You really don’t know? Or you don’t remember?”

“Don’t remember what? Don’t know…. Wait are you referring to what happened at your graduation party?” Minho asked in disbelief.  Jonghyun hung his head and tried to hide the embarrassment creeping up his cheeks.

“I thought we were over that? Why are you the one who’s so awkward? Hell! I’m the one who’s supposed to be angry and awkward at you. You completely snubbed me and didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to my letter. You -”

“wait wait wait.. Snubbed you? Not reply to your letter? What letter?” Jonghyun interrupted, “What are you even talking about?”

“The letter where I told you how much I loved you. How much you meant to me. How much you confessing to me meant and how much I wanted to kiss you right then but you passed out before I got a chance to express how I truly felt. How much I wanted-”Minho was cut off again but this time by a pair of soft lips that smelt like beer “to do that” he completed.
He closed his eyes and pulled the shorter man towards him, hands enveloping his tiny frame. They fell on the couch, lips still sealed. Jonghyun opened his mouth and as their tongues collided, a soft moan escaped his lips. Soon, clothes started to come off, lamps fell off the side tables, the couch started weighing down with the movement of the two people and the moans got louder and faster.

Jonghyun traced his finger along Minho’s chest and smiled in content. He was sleeping on top the taller man and they were both naked, drenched in sweat and covered in cum. He was sticky and sweaty but for the first time in a long time, he was happy. Content and blissfully happy.

“Minho, the person you gave this letter to… it didn’t happen to be a certain Lee Jinki did it?”

“As a matter of fact, it was Jinki hyung. Why do you ask?” Minho answered.

“Oh nothing. Just thinking of plans to kill him” Jonghyun said threateningly.

Laughing, Minho pressed a small kiss on the older man’s forehead and pulled him closer making a mental promise not to let him slip away this time.

Jinki was cleaning the attic when he found his old yearbook. As he picked it up, something seemed to fall off from the last page. Curious, he picked it up.

Dear Jonghyun,

Considering you passed out before I could give you an answer and the fact that you’ve switched off your phone and refused to have any contact with the outside world, I have resorted to such age old means of communication.

I have always admired the way you worked with so much passion and gave every project your 110 percent. I was only a junior but seeing you push the boundaries motivated me to work all the more harder just so that you could notice me. We rarely spoke but every minute I spent with you, it felt like a little firecracker was going off in my heart. I may have constantly made jokes about your height but that was only to hide the blush that formed thinking of how you were the perfect height for me to wrap my arms around your tiny frame and place a kiss on your forehead.
I could go on, but I want to see your little face light up as I tell you.

Your confession got me off guard and maybe that’s why I had a shocked expression but what can one do when the person you’ve been secretly crushing on for more than a year suddenly tells you he loves you and wants to have your babies? You did the one thing I was too afraid to do. Confess. And I am so glad you did because I don’t think I could ever do what you did.

So here’s my answer Kim Jonghyun, Yes. Yes I will go out with you and be mushy and cuddly and do couple things with you. The only thing I refuse to do is stop making fun of your tiny frame. Because Kim Jonghyun, what you think makes you imperfect, is actually what makes you perfect. For me.


“What you reading there?” Kibum spoke coming into the attic.  He took the note from Jinki’s hand and scanned it.

“OMG This is so cute. Minho and Jonghyun! I always thought they didn’t like each other. They never spoke to each other much less be in the same room as each other. WE HAVE TO GET THEM TOGETHER BABY. WE JUST HAVE TO” Kibum squealed, squeezing Jinkis hand in the process.

“Wait..this is dated three years ago. Why is with you?  Lee Jinki what did you do? Or in this case, WHAT DIDN’T YOU NOT DO?” Kibum yelled.

Jinki took the letter from Kibums hand looking guiltier with each statement. He remembered now that Minho had given it to him hoping to get it to Jonghyun but he must have kept it in the yearbook and in the humdrum of the graduation, forgotten about it.

“Lee Jinki-” Kibum started.

“I can just tear it up and pretend like Minho never gave it to me if he ever asks…. Or or I can give it to him tomorrow and apologise profusely and promise to buy him lunch for the next week? okay month” Jinki said, avoiding the glare his husband was throwing at him. “Let’s go down. It’s time to feed the kids anyway” he said taking Kibums hand in one and clutching the letter in the other.
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13 September 2015 @ 11:29 am


You didn’t reply to me yesterday. Don’t worry; I’m not some creepy old man following you. Just a friend trying to get to know you better”

Jonghyun stared at the note. Only this time it was a piece of indigo paper. He contemplated the idea of Minho or Kibum pranking him but dismissed it entirely because those two had no other purpose in life than to tear each other’s brains out.

Twenty minutes and several scraps of paper later a scruffy haired Jonghyun had his reply.

Hello. Since I don’t know you, you will be creepy old man to me till you I get a name.

His phone buzzed.

“Did you get another letter? What did it say? Did you reply?” Jonghyun heard Kibums high pitched voice and sighed.

“Yah! I told you. It could be some creepy man for all we know. Tell me you didn’t”

And of course this a conference call with Minho on it Jonghyun thought.

“I may just reply.”

 He regretted it the minute he said those words. There was a five second pause followed instantly by what sounded to Jonghyun like a married couple deciding what’s best for their child. He put the phone down, let them carry on their argument and continued working on his assignment. When he thought he heard a percentage of silence, he picked up his phone.

“Are you guys done? Jeez. I said maybe. I didn’t say I would. Now stop bugging me, stop bugging each other and go finish your assignments before you’ll go hoarse from all that fighting”

When Mrs. Park reminded him it was time, he still hadn’t made up his mind on whether to leave the piece of paper or not.

He sighed deeply.

This was not the reality he wanted.

Or maybe it was.

He didn’t know.

He picked up his bag and began to walk away leaving the slip on the table.

He didn’t see the brown eyes that followed him out the library.

He didn’t hear the chuckle when he stopped mid-way, scratch his hair, turn to look at the note in hesitation, shake his head and walk on.

He didn’t notice a single thing out of place that day cause for the first time in a long time, Jonghyun felt excited about something.

It may be a small thing but it was definitely something.
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12 September 2015 @ 04:13 pm


It started on a Tuesday.

Like always, Kim Jonghyun, 16 years old, would go to the library at exactly 4:00 pm, sit at the exact same spot and study till the librarian would kindly remind him that it was closing time.

Today was different.

Different not in the sense that he was late or his spot was taken but different because when he sat down at his spot, he noticed a note.

A small violet coloured note, neatly folded in half, addressed to him.

Curious, he looked around to see who had put it there but the library was deserted. He stared at it for a whole minute before actually opening it.

Hey Jonghyun, it’s nice to finally talk to you. What’s it going to be today? Research or reading a Garcia Marquez novel?

 Jonghyun was taken aback. Not only did this person know his name but also the name of his favourite author. He looked around once again to see if he could find the person but the library was still as empty. The only person there was the librarian who in all certainty was knitting a sock for her grandson.

Trying his best to ignore the note, he began working on his homework but was distracted. He kept staring at the violet paper in front of him every two minutes. After what seemed like an eternity, the librarian came up to him to tell him they were closing.

“Mrs. Park, did you perhaps by any chance see who put this note on my table?”

“No dear. I didn’t happen to notice anything. Is there a problem?”

Shaking his head and mumbling to himself that it was nothing he went home.

He spent more than half that night thinking about the little violet note that lay at the bottom of his bag.

“So there was a note. Just a note. No signature nothing? Are you being stalked?”

Jonghyun looked at his best friend Choi Minho in disbelief as they sat down for lunch in the noisy cafeteria.

“Well, did you reply or not?”

Jonghyun turned his head in double disbelief towards his other best friend Kim Kibum.

“Reply? Are you insane Kibum. What if it’s a stalker and he rapes Jonghyun?”

“I don’t think-"

“Rape? Jeez Minho can you not think negative for just one second here. I mean, it may be a good thing you know? He may be Jonghyun’s prince charming”

“I honestly don’t think-”

“Shut up!” Minho and Kibum said in unison.

Jonghyun shrunk back and watched his two friends bicker.

He stared at the cafeteria around him. School was no heaven for people like him, Minho and Kibum. He was the school geek, Minho the socially awkward kid and Kibum the boy with the strange fashion.There was a sudden commotion that finally got Miho and Kibum to stop bickering. They looked towards the source of the clatter only to find it to be the school bully, Lee Jinki and his gang. Their latest target, a new student. They had surrounded the poor boy and were pushing him around.

Jonghyun felt a surge of anger and got up only to be pulled down by his friends.

“Do you want to get us killed? Remember our plan. 6 more months and we’re out of this hell hole. Till then, we lay low.”

Jonghyun stared at the bullies in disgust but he knew he couldn’t do anything. What angered him more was that there was no one, not a single person who could stand up to Lee Jinki or his posse.

 “Avoid eye contact, avoid eye contact” Kibum said furiously as he and Minho stared at their food.

Jonghyun tried but something made him look up and he found himself staring at the darkest of brown eyes.

Eyes so brown that would look perfect even without the black eyeliner that traced it.

Jonghyun felt a tingling sensation in his spine as he saw Lee Jinki walk away and for a second, just a second, he thought he saw Jinki blush.
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10 September 2015 @ 07:54 pm

Pairing: OnKey, Yunjae and a leetle of JongHo
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds Inspired
Length: 5/5

“When were you planning on telling us?” Jonghyun asked as they drove around the park, trying to search for the car.

“I was going to tell you’ll when it was all confirmed. It-” Jinki was cut off by a voice on the dispatch radio.

“Suspect spotted on Baker Lane, less than 3 kilometers from the park. Car see heading towards the Busan highway”

“Copy that. We’re the closest to him. We’re on our way” Jinki spoke into the radio.

“Hold on” Jonghyun warned as he took a sharp u-turn. He drove through the lanes, avoiding cars, buses and footpaths by inches as Jinki held on to the car handle.  They entered the highway and spotted the car a few meters ahead of them. As Jonghyun accelerated, Kimbum’s car seemed to have accelerated too. Jonghyun began cutting through lanes and driving in between cars as they started their chase.

“Mr. Shin must have figured we’re on to him. We need to block all sides” Jinki spoke into the radio. He heard Yunho giving orders to all policemen to barricade the end of the highway.

With Jonghyun and Jinki behind them and a police barricade in front, the Chevrolet had no place to run. It turned sharply trying to avoid the blockade but ended up hitting them, bringing the car to a halt.

“Mr.Shin, get out of the car, with your hands above your head” Yunho yelled.

Jonghyun stopped the car and the both of them jumped out holding up their weapons. The police stopped all traffic behind them and the BAU team formed a circle around the car. Kibum staggered out from the driver’s seat, blood matted across his hair and face. Minho and Changmin ran to help him.

Mr.Shin got out of the car, carrying Kyra, holding a gun.“If any one dares to take even one step towards me, I’ll blow her head off and then mine” Mr Shin said, pointing the gun at Kyra.

“NO!” Kibum tried to run forward only to be held back by Minho and Changmin. Kibum fell down, crying and looking utterly desperate.

“Let her go. Please let her go. She’s only a baby. Let my baby go.” Kibum whispered over and over again. Jinki watched this with a broken heart. All he wanted was to run across and embrace his husband and get them back their little girl but for that he had to focus.

“Drop you weapon Shin. This is not what you want. You don’t want to hurt that little girl. She’s only three.” Jonghyun spoke in a calm voice.

“You guys don’t know what I want. Nobody does. Why should they be happy?”

“Mr.Shin, we understand. That drunk driver took away your baby girl. You looked away for one second and she was gone. She was going to turn four in a week wasn’t she? It was cruel and she didn’t deserve to die. Then you’re wife left you because she blamed you for it and now she doesn’t let you meet your second child. It wasn’t your fault. Hyosung death wasn’t your fault.” Jinki reasoned.

“It wasn’t my fault. It really wasn’t. I looked away for one second and she ran out to the road. I couldn’t do anything. This was not my fault” the suspect staggered and fell on his knees, crying.

“We know that now and you don’t need to harm anyone else. We’re going to get you some help. Just put the weapon down and let her go.” Jinki spoke in a composed manner as he signaled to the team to move forward.

“Daddy” Kyra cried holding her hands out towards Jinki as she struggled to get free.

Mr. Shin sighed in defeat and put Kyra down.

“Baby come to daddy. Come here honey. Don’t look back.” Jinki called out as Kyra came running towards him. Jonghyun picked up Kyra and moved away as Jinki stayed on the unsub.

“Mr.Shin place the weapon on the floor and put your hands where I can see them” Yunho ordered.

 “It isn’t worth living anymore is it?” the unsub looked up towards Yunho, tears running down his face as he bought his gun to his forehead and closed his eyes, pain and anguish written all over.

 “No!” Yunho screamed running to disarm Mr.Shin, Changmin blocked Key as Jonghyun shielded Kyra from the view and covered her ears.

There was a loud bang and Jonghyun turned around to see Mr.Shin on the floor, Jinki standing behind him, traces of smoke still being discharged from his gun.

Jinki had shot Mr.Shin in the shoulder therefore only disarming him and not actually killing him. The paramedics carried Mr.Shin towards the ambulance.

Jonghyun left Kyra down and she ran towards Jinki and he picked her up, tears streaming down his face.  Changmin let go of Kibum and he walked towards his family smiling as he wiped away the tears.

There seemed to be a small commotion and Yunho looked around to see his husband arguing with a police officer that was at the barricade.

“Yunho. YUNHO. Tell this man that I am your husband and I demand to be let in.”

Yunho shook his head and gave the nod towards the police officer. Jaejoong came running and Yunho pointed towards the center.

The Lee family stood in the center, not letting go of each other. Jinki held on to his two most important people and swore to himself that he’d never let anything like this happen to them. And when their second child came, he’d make sure that the baby never put their family in danger

Jinki looked towards his team and whispered a ‘Thank You’ as he kissed his husband and daughter on the head.
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10 September 2015 @ 07:50 pm
Pairing:OnKey, Yunjae and a leetle JongHo
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds Inspired
Length: 4/5

The next few minutes in the BAU board room was chaos.

Jaejoong found it hard to breathe. He stood there, his face turning a shade lighter with each breath.

Changmin and Junsu started making calls to the local Police Department.

Yoochun and Jonghyun started barking orders to everyone in the office.

Minho ran to the board and started marking out the distance on the map.

Jinki stood there frozen amidst all the noise, not registering a single thing.

It took Yunho’s calm and commanding voice to get them all to stop and focus. He knew this became a high profile case when a member was involved.

“Everyone stop what they’re doing. Taemin, see if you can trace that call.”

“Already on it boss.”

“Good. Junsu, Changmin get all the police cars in the city on the road now. I want every officer on the road looking for this son of a bitch. Minho, once Taemin gets you the location, mark it on the map and decide where he’s most likely to drive them to. Jonghyun you stay with Jinki. Jaejoong, honey, I need you to breathe.  You need to tell me all that you know about this Mr.Shin”

Jaejoong stared at Yinho, blank. He tried to focus on what Yunho was saying but his eyes kept travelling to Jinki’s slumped figure and the thought of Kibum and the baby in the car with that psychopath wasn’t helping.

“Jaejoong, love, look at me. The best way you can help Jinki right now is by telling me everything about this man. Taemin is looking for his files but we could use your input too” Yunho’s calming voice bought Jaejoong back to his senses.

Nodding, “Umm. Mr  Shin started working for us 3 years ago. He manages all our accounts. He lost his 3 year old daughter, Hyosung in a car accident. He was supposed to be taking care of her but while he was at the gas station, he took his eyes away for one second and she ran onto the road and there was a car. His wife left him soon after. She was pregnant with their second child. He tried talking to her but she filed for a restriction order a year ago. He was so friendly with Kyra and he seemed to like Kibum too. Why would he do this? He seemed happy when Kibum told us, 3 weeks ago, that they were looking to adopt again. Even today morning he was overjoyed when the news of the adoption came through. I don’t understand. ” Jaejoong finished with a sigh.

Jinki looked up from his chair, his expression worsening. “We never told anyone about our second adoption. I knew he would tell you but didn’t know Mr.Shin would know too. What could he possibly want?”

“So that was the stressor wasn’t it? When he found out 3 weeks ago that they were planning to adopt, the killing started and when he found out that the adoption papers came through, it escalated. He didn’t want Jinki hyung to be happy because all his happiness was taken from him” Jonghyun said looking serious.

“Jaejoong, love do you know any of these victims?” Yunho asked pointing to the board.

“Oh my god they’re all our clients. They all have kids whose birthday parties we were organizing. I should have watched the news I would have recognized them but you know how I don’t like seeing such stuff. I turn the TV off each time something this depressing comes on. What if this is my fault. If I had watched the news like any normal person I would have been able to tell you sooner and you’ll would have found your link and Kibum and Kyra would be safe” Jaejoong rambled.

“Honey, honey calm down. This is not your fault. You’re here now and you’ve given is this information which is great. Now this officer here is going to take you home. I’ll call you when we find them”Yunho said motioning for the officer to take Jaejoong.

Jaejoong shook off the man’s arm and looked at Yunho angrily.

“I will not go anywhere” Jaejoong huffed sitting down on the chair, refusing to budge.  Yunho knew it was a lost cause.

“Sir I got a hit on the call. It came from a local booth, 2 kilometers from Jinki hung’s house, near a park.”Taemin said.

“Kibum takes Kyra out for a walk near the Chundeong Park everyday around this time” Jinki whispered from his chair.

“The police officers spotted Kibum’s blue Chevrolet car just a little further away” Junsu said coming into the room

“Okay let’s move out. Jinki, stay here with Taemin and we’ll co-ordinate through the phone. Minho, have you figured out the distance?”

“Based on his previous killings, he usually takes them around the point he abducted them for at least 2 to 3 hours before killing them. I’ve marked out the different routes and the closest highways. Taemin will send us the routes along with highway co-ordinates”

Yunho picked up his gun and looked around the room. He was met with worried faces. He knew how hard of a case this had become in the past ten minutes “Okay guys let’s break up into teams like before. Take different routes. I want police officers stationed at all the highways. Nobody gets in or out of the city. Jinki stay here with Taemin. Let’s go catch this bastard and get them back safely to Jinki”

“No way. I am not staying here while some psychopath drives my husband and baby girl around in a car. I am coming with you’ll.” Jinki said picking up his bullet proof vest and his gun.

Yunho wanted to stop him but he knew it wouldn’t work. Nodding, they all headed out, determination etched across their faces.
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10 September 2015 @ 07:44 pm

Pairing: OnKey; YunJae and leetle of Jongho
Genre: AU; Criminal Minds Inspired
Length: 3/5

“He didn’t wait for a week. Something’s happened. He’s accelerating. If we don’t find him, he may kill again. And soon” Minho told Changmin as they saw the medics take the bodies away. It was the same Method of kill. The woman was shot dead and the kid strangled.

“You’re on speaker love. Go ahead” Minho said flipping open his phone.

“Okay, so the latest victim is Kim Anna , 26. Her little baby boy you’ll found was Ryan. He was only four. She’s English but married a Korean and settled here and yes you have guessed right, she is a person loved by all” Taemin replied, voice filled with sadness.

At the bureau, Jinki stood by the coffee machine, thinking how his day had taken a 360 degree turn. He had woken up to find out that the adoption papers for their second child had come through and that their three year old baby girl would now have a younger brother. He had been overjoyed, taking Kibum into his arms and twirling the younger boy around the room as he cried in happiness. He kissed him deeply and passionately, with each touch sending shivers down his spine. He looked into those brown eyes and felt happiness burst forth like the sun on a spring day.

After two years of marriage Kibum had thrown subtle hints of wanting to adopt. He would leave adoption ads lying around the house just so Jinki would find them, watch tv shows that had a baby in it or sigh in loud over-exaggerated manner when they passed through the kids section in the mall but Jinki didn’t get it. The man was a little slow when it came to such things. He had met the younger boy at a party in Yunho’s house and Kibum instantly fell for the goofy, clumsy yet warm hearted boy in Jinki. The older boy on the other hand found Kibum strange. Kibum and Jaejoong, Yunho’s husband, ran a birthday and wedding planning organization. Jinki found everything about Kibum loud. His clothes, his laugh, the way he spoke and the way he hit on Jinki. But the latter had no clue. He was as lost as a little boy without his mom at a fair. There was something in Kibum that drew Jinki to him but he wasn’t sure what, so when he had to ask Kibum out on their first date, he did it only after everyone in the bureau told him that he Kibum actually liked him and was waiting to be asked out. He was a little poor in reading social signs. It was only when Kibum dragged him to one of the birthday parties of a kid he was organizing, did he finally get it. Jaejoong had spelt it out to him in the corner and then did realization strike home. He had always wanted kids and now that Kibum was ready for them, he was too. That night, they both made love to each other, with a different sense of passion and the next day, they filed for adoption. Two months and seven days later, they bought home a beautiful, healthy 4 month old baby girl. Her name was Kyra.

They had been trying for another child but the adoption agency was making it difficult. He knew how much it would mean to Kibum to have another child. So after 6 months of rejections and disappointments when Jinki heard that they could finally adopt, the feeling was something words couldn’t describe.

“Reminiscing about something?” Yoochun asked pulling Jinki out of his trance.

“Nothing. Just nothing. Did you find anything at the gas stations?” Jinki enquired.

Yoochun looked hopeful, “We’ve got a sketch. We’re ready to give the profile”

The team stood at the head of the room and addressed the police officers.

“The man we’re looking for is male and in his mid-thirties to forties. He’s extremely patient as he stalks out his victims”

“He’s known to these victims and they probably trust him.”

“He’s suffered some major loss. He shoots the mother in cold blood and then strangles the child. He wants the fathers and husbands to suffer. Probably because he’s in a similar position too. So look into men who’ve lost children and or gone through a divorce recently.”

“He used to kill a week apart but the latest victim shows that something has changed.  There was a stressor that caused him to kill and something major has happened in the last 24 hours causing him to kill again.”

“We believe all these women and children are surrogates for his final victim. We need to find out who his targets are and warn them. Given his sudden breakdown, he’s already planning their kill.

“This is a sketch given by the gas station people. Make sure copies are made and handed out. If this man is on a mission, we need to stop it” Yunho concluded.

Before Yunho could give them further instructions, Jinki got a call.

He went into his office.

“What are you doing here? I’m busy” Yunho said surprisingly as he saw Jaejoong enter the room.

“I just needed to see you. And congratulate Jinki. Where is the boy?” Jaejoong leaned around Yunho trying to search for the boy when his eyes fell on the sketch.

“Why is Mr Shin on your wall? Is he a suspect? Jaejoong asked.

Yunho’s eyes widened, “You know the man? Where from?”

And just as he said that, Jinki entered the room, pale and dazed.

“Hyung you okay?” Jonghyun called out

“He’s taken Kibum and Kyra”